Subconscious Core Alignments


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Key words for this book: soul bodies, subconscious dynamics, subconscious anatomy,inner relaxation, self-acceptance, enlightenment, unfold, inner historian, divine love, divine attributes, conflict, paradoxes, unification, passage to the body of truth.


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The subconscious core alignment studies were introduced by Berdhanya in a systematic way over a period of ten months. It is suggested to use this book in conjunction with the audio classes for maximum benefit. Each chapter has a complementary audio form available at the Berdhanya store. While the book aids the logical comprehension of the material, the audio form stimulates and consolidates the energetic aspect of the teachings. Both approaches form a solid method for understanding, integrating and clearing perception.

The teachings offer a profound and rich system with a variety of tools to enable the recognition, reconciliation and relation with our subconscious. Although the teachings have a strong mystic flavor, if you follow them as suggested, they are, in fact, the very base of living a day to day life in full consciousness.

The practical exercises in this guidebook serve as a foundation for you to really integrate these teachings. We advise that you take your time in reading and contemplating the material, then revisit and apply all suggested methods.

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CHAPTER 3 – ENTERING THE SUBCONSCIOUS Relaxing into the Unknown 21 Where Do We Begin? 21 The Function of the Subconscious 22 The Subconscious and Love 23 The Eternal War 23 The Historian 24

CHAPTER 4 – ANATOMY OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS Fundamentals of the Soul Bodies 25 The Four Soul Bodies 26 The Functions and Segments of the Four Soul Bodies 27 Supra-Astral Body 27 Light Body 28 Celestial Body 29 Consecration Body 30 The Attributes of the Above and the Below 31 Attributes of the Earth 31 Attributes of the Sky 31 Table 2-1 The Interfaces as Part of the Anatomy of Subconscious Bodies 32 Diagram 2-2: The Interfaces 33 What are Interfaces? 34 Earth and Sky Interfaces 34 Collective Deposits into the Interfaces 36

CHAPTER 5 – the SUBCONSCIOUS AND LOVE The Angelic Councils and the Meaning of Love 39 The Distortion of Love 39 Consequences of our Distortions 41

CHAPTER 6 – THE TWELVE ATTRIBUTES OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS What Are Attributes? 45 The Twelve Attributes 45 Distortions and the Impact on the Earth Bodies 46 Reclaiming the Purity of our Attributes 48

CHAPTER 7– PARADOXES: THE DOORKEEPERS OF TRUTH The Anatomy and Physiology of Paradox 51 The Linear Mind vs The Higher Intellect 52 The Nature of Conflict 52 Accepting Our Paradoxical Nature and Healing the Conflict 53 The Rebirth of a Higher Intellect 54 Common Paradoxes of Seekers 55 The Paradox of Earth Bodies and Sky Bodies 56 The Arista Membrane 57 Importance of a Healthy Arista Membrane 57

CHAPTER 8 – THE DIVINE ORDER Divine Order is the State of Freedom 59 Nourish your Desire for Freedom 60 APPENDIX A Meditation to Synchronize the Historian 61 APPENDIX B – Practical Exercises 63 Four Steps to Reclaim the Subconscious Attributes 63 Method to Activate the Membrane of Arista 64 Freeing Yourself From Interventions (Avoiding and Grasping) 65 Five Tips to Balance the Perfectionist in You 67 Exercise on Impacts and Impulses 68 Unification of the Conscious and Subconscious 70


The key to surrender, inner flow and self-realization is in understanding the role of the subconscious bodies upon our conscious bodies. There is an intimate and mysterious order that will never, ever miss a beat to promote growth, balance and inner freedom. This is the Divine Order. You partner up with your naturalness when you understand this order. The dynamic between conscious and subconscious matter is the core of life and the foundation of growth. Understanding this natural dynamic is freedom. As much as we would like to know what life will teach us next, the lessons of the subconscious remain a mystery. New tests or opportunities for learning can arise at any moment, not only when they are least expected but also when they are least welcome. By accepting the fact that we are not able to know all that is at play for us, we walk towards an everlasting peace. The abandonment of our cunning plans, our desires to make things perfect and to exalt ourselves through doing brings acceptance and peace. When we accept that we can only be fully aware of the conscious elements of our life, we gain confidence, empowerment and security.

You may want to complement this book with the purchase of  “Deep listening.” audio track.

The impact of reading the “Subconscious Core alignment” book is very powerful.  I feel the transmission and am often moved to tears as the impact of divine truth resonates within.  Thank-you Berdhanya…I am so very grateful.- Satkiana.

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