Satsang on interventions

The biggest test then, is not to intervene. We are trained to intervene in every single thought we have, every feeling we have and every perception we have. This imposition, this effort, immediately creates a force of attachment. It immediately brings you to the realm of effort and you lose your clarity, the sense of who you are and your own infinity.

“Intervention” is a key word because, in a way, you cannot get free from desire. Desires will always be there. I

Also want to make a parenthesis here regarding the external desire to be big, the desire to grow your business, your sexual appetite, your desire to be human — don’t touch those desires. Those desires are alright and have nothing to do with the dynamics of the seeker in the world within. In the true seeker, there is no desire to modify yourself or to take any position in fron to the outside world.

When you start manipulating the desires mostly based on ideas like, “I am not good, I am not perfect and I need to be better”, this is the robotic part of yourself speaking. You want to engage in a kind of machine mode of self and you want to intervene, over and over. The more you intervene, the more you create a gap between your naturalness and your life, of who you are and your life. This gap is suffering.

With this, you are not happy in your body and in the human existence because you conceive that your human existence is imperfect. You treat it as a disease. You don’t realize that it’s just a passage. You need to go through this planet and learn  to transcend duality and to be humble. This fight, this dissatisfaction of being in the body is a great cause of suffering.

The second cause of your suffering is that you want to use your intervention to change things. It is under your will that you will change. You make decisions, “Oh, need to change this or I don’t need to change that”. You create rules and dogmas within you, very tightly, and if you don’t obey those rules, those internal constitutions, you punish yourself, you judge yourself and you put yourself immediately into a dungeon with no lawyer because you have created a false sense of change.

Any real change that happens in your life happens because you’re ready, because you have matured and because you have arrived at a certain point where the energy is so intense, so mature. It’s like when the flower it’s ready to bloom: nothing will stop it. There is a readiness that happens from the simple acknowledgement that any perception that you have gained in any of the transitions that you have lived have marked you.

The change was there, ready for you to experience it. But if you are intervening, if you impose your personal will – “I will change at my will under the law of my norms”. We do it all the time. We do it all the time. We are great strategists. The mind is a great strategist, but a strategist meant to be, to form and to deal with your external world, not with you.

Otherwise, you will make yourself a victim of your own constitution and your own rules. Most of the time, this is about being punished, judged and always excluding yourself. You are busy wanting to be perfect, a perfection that never arrives. This is your second source of suffering coming from the intervention.

With that effort to change, in not accepting that change naturally comes of your  readiness, you lose the clarity of your own evolution, of your own steps, the beauty of your perfection. The more you impose, the less you see what changes are needed or are taking place. Then, you delay and lose clarity the clarity of: “Okay, this is what I know, this is what I need to act on, this is what is given and this is what I am engaging with and not in accordance to the ideals of myself.”

This branches out into a third suffering caused by your interventions. You are always dissatisfied by not having it your way. Your personal will somehow gets hurt because it is not your way, because it’s not right.  It has to be your way. You want to change your ways, and you only want to change by grace, never by feeling angry, never getting dirty, never wrestling in the mud. You just want to change at your pace, very holy and very untouched.

But this is not the way of Earth. The ways of Earth are direct experiences and they target your pride, your sense that: I have to change. I am the one making the change, I am creating my own life, I am changing at my pace, I am applying my will. This is pride because, in a way, you are firing God and taking his place. Or you think you are.

With the approach of constant interventions, you create zones of darkness, sub-conscious manipulations that you do all the time. You know that they are there, so you create a mood to save yourself, you get busy in saving yourself from your pain, your judgements, saving, saving.  But in the end, you are not giving yourself to “you” and you are not giving “others” yourself.

Giving is not giving things, or giving affection. You will only be satisfied when you give the totality of yourself, when you discharge your energy, when you discharge the totality of you in the moment.  Then, you are empty, and you are full. It is the in-breath and the out-breath. You die and you are re-born in every instant because you are discharging your naturalness, discharging your infinity and piercing the moment with your essence, with your life force.

Then life returns to you, recycles you, regenerates you and you become like a Christmas tree, you light up and you are always full of resources, always full of presents. You are never too empty to give. You don’t need to replace your giving with objects and demonstrations because you are secure that you are the pure embodiment of all the attributes of creation.

Your only job is to witness this the generosity of your spirit in great wonder and astonishment. You get impressed by creation, which is you, and you start knowing your infinity and all these qualities and aspects.

It’s a big transfer of authority and responsibility between your interventions and your surrender, your obedience, your willingness to be available to your own creation, to your own creator, to your own infinity. That willingness is all that you need, constantly. It’s all that you need.

Step by step, you create trust, as it reaffirms (as you find confirmation every time) you every time. It confirms your identity and it challenges your pride. Infinity wants you because you are part of it and because you belong to it.

Stop being busy saving yourself. Start giving of yourself and start discharging on Earth and in your immediate reality the purity of who you are.