The Dynamics of the Conscious and Subconscious

The dynamic of the subconscious is all about infusing the earth’s bodies (or, the conscious) with a range of learning experiences. As much as we would like to know what life would like to teach us next, the lessons of the subconscious remain a mystery. New tests or opportunities for learning can arise at any moment, when they are least expected and when they are least welcome.

By accepting the fact that we are not able to know all that is at play for us, we walk toward an ever-lasting peace. The abandonment of our cunning plans, our desires to make things perfect and to exalt ourselves through doing, brings acceptance and peace.

When we accept that we can only be fully aware of the conscious elements of our life, we gain confidence, empowerment and security. Work with what you have in front of you as a fact and abandon the rest, which will only be your interpretations or projections about your experiences.

The key to our surrender, inner flow and self-realization are in understanding the role of the subconscious bodies upon our conscious bodies. There is an intimate and mysterious order that will not miss a beat to promote growth, balance and inner freedom.


The subconscious is the basis for the creation of matter. Matter (conscious) requires an acceptance of what is being created. Your personal plans, meanings and interpretations need to be abandoned for the subconscious to manifest itself fully and holistically.

The subconscious will constantly bathe and marinate the conscious with experiences that you need to complete, realize or create. The juices of that bath come from the interfaces of your structure, as well as from the 12 rays.

The subconscious does not have rules about how, where, when, right/wrong or in which style you use to learn your lesson. All that is requested is that you play out what is in front of you without interventions or modifications.

The matter of the subconscious is a form of Love: therefore, it always gives you the experiences that you need to learn next and never gives you more than you can handle.

The subconscious matter does not care how you deal with or approach your lessons. As a matter of fact, it allows each of us to experiment with our unique expression, promoting diversity and originality. It is based on inclusiveness and non-intervention.

The subconscious matter is bigger than your conscious matter. It embraces, sustains and creates matter. The conscious matter is made by the constant flow of the

subconscious into the matter. Like the inside of a chicken egg, we can imagine that the conscious is the yellow centre and that the subconscious is surrounding egg white.

Subconscious matter encompasses all that you do and how you do it. The only requirement is that you don’t interfere with interpretations coming from your personal will, ignorance

Also, understand:

Conscious matter (earth bodies) is all you have to work with.

The earth bodies contain all the attributes of subconscious matter (all soul bodies).

The earth’s bodies have all the capacity to organize, metabolize and work with the input provided from the subconscious matter if is free from your interpretations.

Inner freedom is the acceptance of the ability of the earth’s bodies to receive the flow and attributes of the subconscious. You simply act on what is in front of you with no interventions, added meaning or expectations.

You partner up with your naturalness when you understand this order. The dynamic between conscious and subconscious matter is the core of life and the foundation of growth. Understanding this natural dynamic is freedom. Let it happen to you. The flow will give you different flavours – the pleasant and the unpleasant – and if you abandon any differentiation between the pleasant and unpleasant, you remain untouched by them. If you intervene by avoiding unpleasant experiences, feelings and thoughts, you will get caught in the game of avoidance. If you intervene by pursuing pleasant feelings, experiences or thoughts, you will get devoured by greed, exhausted by the effort and frustrated by defeat.

The more we intervene, the more we distort our access to the flow of life. Like a dam in a river, our access to this natural flow gets obstructed. Our life then is only a creation of our fantasies, concepts and values. It is not real – it has no real vitality, creation, contact or growth of the attributes that we seek.

When we allow the dynamics of conscious and subconscious matter to interact, we allow the divine order to emerge and reclaim the throne of freedom. We are natural and allow nature to express itself through us. We welcome all the sensations and experiences and we decorate them with our uniqueness.