An assumption is the result of incomplete or distorted information. They can also be caused by a lack of inquiry about the facts that lead to having an idea that does not correspond with the factual truth of a circumstance or of the self.

Any mental assumption feeds the body of mental and emotional beliefs. Assumptions create a field of energy which is always pushing to the foreground in order to be completed, updated or rectified.

If you are not an awake being, you have 4 assumptions about reality:

  1. You assume you don’t exist forever.
  2. You assume time is linear (past, present and future).
  3. You assume you are not responsible for the creation of every single detail of your life or the direction of the planet
  4. You assume that impermanence is not going to touch you.

At the personal level, we are full of assumptions starting from the very fact that we assume we are our body, emotions and mind, and the assumption that we are unable to deal with our own creation. However today, I would like you to transcend the personal digging and tune in more with the existence that is beyond the belief, beyond the assumption.

Behind assumptions is the presence

The exercise to correct assumptions in presence requires the humbleness to accept that what we know is either incorrect or incomplete. Humbleness is active when life or others indicate assumptions and proposes that we let go of our opinions or fundamentals of the constructed reality. That moment of simple listening, simple resonance with what is behind the assumption brings forward the everlasting energy field of presence. The flow can be obstructed by your pride or wanting to retain your opinions and positions as a way of being right.

Educating the mind to accept Presence, to be part of it in our daily life allows the healing and harmonization of our parts. Nothing else is needed, nothing else is required. Just relax and allow presence to work for you.

Offering to the vibrational field of Presence your hidden aspects, your evasions, distractions and denials is the true surrender, healing and devotion. That offering of your personal will and your force brings forward a special conviction and reaffirmation that you are always in the field of existence, that you exist, that all exist and that that existence is present in all that you see. That allowing is the pure devotion that recognizes that it is the One or presence that is truly in charge of everything, including your life. Devotion recognizes that you are a servant of that pulsation by acting freely in your life with the passion, conviction and enthusiasm to know more about yourself and your capabilities.

Finding over and over and as frequently as we can in meditation, contemplation and recognition that presence is a living, intelligent dynamic, opens a path to inner realization

It is important to recognize that we are not talking here about the assumptions about your conventional life (which often are there) but the assumption we have about reality itself and ourselves as part of it.

The questions Who I am, and Where I am? are are a proposal to bring forward assumptions and give clarity or new understanding that is relevant to your moment of evolution.