Vidhura Marma is related to the ear and the ear functions. It is composed of important middle ear structures, including the tympanic membrane, ear ossicles (tiny bones in the middle ear) and the Eustachian tube. These structures take part in the conduction, modulation and alterations of sound waves. They help in the mechanism of hearing, including the subtle aspect of resonance. (Naad) According to Ayurveda, it is the site of Shravana Indriya ( mechanism of hearing).

Injury of this marma causes deformity in the face or in that part of the body; also, it may cause deafness.

Location: This marma is located precisely behind and below the ear. They are 2 in number one in each ear.


Vhisura marma is predominantly composed of ligaments and tendons. Other elements are bones, blood vessels, bone joints and muscles.

Ear healing with Vhidura marma

You might have suffered from conditions like tinnitus and earache, which is one of the insufferable pain. These conditions are treated by stimulation of vidhura marma. Stimulation of this marma provides relaxation to the earache, helps treat ear infections, and reduces inflammation.

Massage, Acupressure or aromatherapy procedures using the middle finger reduces vatta dosha. Agitation, excess thinking anxiety can be diminished and heal by doing a Vhidura marma treatment. You can use Dhanvantara thaila, sesame oil or almond oil. For weakness of vatta, you can use Ksheerabala 101 Avarthi.

Also, it is suitable for treating ringing in the ears and hypersensitivity of sounds.

Vhidura marma and perception

This marma point at the emotional level is a space where we reflect on inner and outer values. Our capacity to reflect on morality, what is good and what is wrong, what is fair and what is unjust is valued when the moon activates this center. We will tend to analyze our personality traits and the ones of people around us.

Vhidura marma and meditation

A combination of marmas, including Vhidura marma, facilitates hearing the naad or the cosmic sound. ( see our meditation Bundle)

If your meditation is towards inner sounds’ receptivity ( nada or naad), you can stimulate the right Vidhura marma. Also, acupressure or calming aromatic oils like sandalwood is good for calming and controlling the hearing sense. This approach is also suitable for treating ringing in the ears and hypersensitivity o sounds.

Vhidura marma and Yoga