Do you want to boycott the cold and humidity that make you feel tight and withdrawn? Call on black pepper, jasmine and pink grapefruit essential oils in sesame oil with a touch of vitamin E oil for a savvy solution.
This trio will perk Lady Kapha and Dame Vata like no other. Everyone around them will notice that they are up for the best pleasures life has to offer. Definitely can be worn under the sexiest red lamé dress for a party night while making you healthier.
Señorita Pitta, however should avoid this powerful élixir unless she’s ready to ignite her inner nuclear power. Here’s why. Pepper as you already suspect is one of the most heating and drying essential oils in aromatherapy, jasmine is heating as is grapefruit. Although kapha and vata skins love them, sensitive pitta skin could break out in a rash. That’s the short story. But then it smells so tantalizing.

Black Pepper
The pungent peppercorn, from which essential oil can be distilled, contains vitamins A and C, significant amounts of potassium, calcium, zinc, manganese, magnesium, and iron. And that’s not it. Add pyridoxine, riboflavin, thiamin and niacin of the B-complex vitamin group. Pepper fires up digestive and sexual appetite, increases absorption of B-complex vitamins and other nutrients from food as well as movement in the walls of the gut for easier elimination.
Believe it or not, it also has anti-inflammatory properties, especially in the joints. It helps the body remove harmful free radicals to protect from cancers and diseases, enhances free flow of oxygen to the brain, and stimulates the activity of the heart. Ayurveda values it for its anti-aging properties.

Thick and heavy, jasmine essential oil is gently warming, erogenous
(read «aphrodisiac») and is used to treat various problems of the reproductive tracts like menstrual cramps, impotence, frigidity and prostate problems. It even calms the uterus which is helpful during giving birth.
This seductive oil reduces anxiety and depression. Massaged over the heart center it generates feelings of hope. Of course it works amazingly well on skin, slows down wrinkles and rejuvenates aging skin and skin afflicted by eczema. In addition, jasmine has been used in ayurveda as a means to increase immunity and fight fever.

Pink Grapefruit
Like all citrus fruit based essential oils, pink grapefruit’s is uplifting, stimulant and tonic. Astudy by the Brigham Young University, «Small concentrations of grapefruit essential oil showed an 80.5% cell inhibition value for skin cancer cells.» This essential oil has adequate amount of spermidine, a compound that plays a significant roles in the survival of cells.
Emotionally, it helps with anxiety, bad moods or stress, all of which impact our hormones. In addition, the aromatic effects support one’s own sense of self-love and approval, especially in regards to loving and honoring our bodies. Ayurveda recommends it to curb food cravings, liver congestion, excess body fat, cholesterol and other toxic substances.

Honouring the Feminine and the Masculine
Together, these three essential oils ooze a sense of powerful wellbeing and the desire to share that with others. They remind us of our original attributes; they help us reclaim and honour these as our truth in living to our fullest physical, creative, sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual potential.

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