Transcending stillness.

The center of our stillness is just a transitional space to be dwelling in.

This space of stillness  should not be seen as something to be achieved, or, to be the goal of our spiritual experience.

The space of stillness should not be used as a means for us to gain some repose from our conflicts.

The hunt for stillness can be  a set up by small mind  taking away from you the energy that you need to activate your intense presence in the moment.

Wanting stillness in meditation or in your spiritual journey makes you a thief, of the already existing stillness. It takes you away  from the knowing that you are already still.

The space of stillness is a dynamic moment of  awareness, it is an alert space where you witness the inner and outer  movement while remaining uninterested in participating in the proposals of the mind.

Stillness is not to stop thinking, or to be inactive in front of your life experiences. Stillness is cultivated by witnessing the drive of the different  senses .

Stillness is associated with acceptance.  Accepting the drive of the senses toward likes or dislikes without correcting, manipulating or justifying them, brings stillness .

Stillness is a transitory state of the journey of self-realization. Stillness is only a gate into the  entire activity of the universe.

With stillness you animate a subtle existence deep in  your being and bathe in a vast unspoken knowledge of all that is .

May you realize that the dance of the elements are there   for you to enjoy, to taste the flavor of life on earth and to  transcend  them with a mature awareness and gratitude.

May you realize that the movements of your life are being supported by these pulsations of stillness, and that stillness is a gate to the universe itself.