Inner awakening has many “facets” and many “regions” within and outside our cosmology. The seeker needs to be clear about these different regions in order to apply the correct understanding and required actions.

Region One: All that facilitates experiences

This region is our concrete reality; it includes our physical body, our relationships, our emotions and our mind. These four aspects allow us to play out our skills, contributions, experiences and understanding of humility on Earth. This region with it four aspects requires effort from the seeker to keep balance and well-being. For example, in order to have a healthy physical body you need the proper nutrition, the proper rest and the proper exercise. To have balance in relationships you need to learn to connect, to communicate, to relate and to rely upon. Also emotions need to be expressed, shared and directed toward our passions. The mind needs knowledge, direction, meditation and concentration to be effective. The seeker needs to implement an inner program with a routine to manage with sensibility and with care the physical form of divinity.

Region Two: The storage place

This region of your existence is a big storage place, where every single move, breath, thought and intention done in Region One, gets recorded, metabolized and organized. All the consequences of your personal actions and the actions of all humanity that are not being “realized” seek to come back to Region One to be completely understood.

The appearance of random emotions and thoughts coming for no apparent reason can be confusing. Our tendency is to give a meaning to this region, when in actuality all that is needed is an outlet to be complete and understood. This region requires no effort from the part of the seeker. It only requires the seeker to respond – “to respond” in a neutral way. You need to be aware and sincere about the consequences of your past actions in a non-judgmental position. Compassion and freedom allow the flow.

The interaction between Region One and Region Two is the dance between effort and effortlessness. The fundamental understanding of this dynamic allows the seeker to apply effort in the right field and effortlessness where it corresponds. For example, if a memory of a past hurt arrives to you, just let it be, knowing that it will pass on its own accord. Here is another example. If your mind is active, you need the effort to apply meditation and the proper lifestyle to balance it.

This interaction may sound simple; however, it does require the intervention of the teacher to point out the areas of action and the areas of rest.

Region Three: Infinity

The seeker must learn to relate to infinity without any pre-conceive concepts. Often the seeker has a fantasy of a place of spiritual salvation where meaning, purpose and hidden agendas impede a true relation to infinity. This relation is undefined and very personal. The realization and conscious embodiment of infinity is effortless, ever present and uncut.