Yoga Nidra: A guided Meditation for a Restorative Sleep


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This guided meditation by Berdhanya addressed with great affection and relaxation the parts of the body that contribute to a great rest. Enjoy 11 minutes of “Yoga in Bed” and 60 minutes of deep relaxation.





The yoga nidra is the ultimate! Thank you so much for this powerful gift. It has only been a week but I can already say that this practice is like a godsend. I felt the effects from the first night. After the practice, I fall asleep instantly and enter into a deep sleep. For the first time in over 12 years, I am now sleeping through the night every night. I wake up feeling so cozy and safe. Just this alone is miraculous, and such a relief, but I know there is something even more powerful happening while I am in this deep state of relaxation, something regenerative that goes beyond just getting a good night’s sleep. Something new is being brought to light at a subtle level of my being. I look forward to my new bedtime routine and greet each day with a newfound calm. Thank you!!!






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