When a person is in an unconscious state, we start rubbing the feet and hands of the person. Think for a while about why the hands and feet of the person are rubbed unknowingly; we are stimulating the marma points located in the bottom of the hand and feet. The stimulation of marma points is also beneficial in diseases related to the heart like hypotension, hypertension, epilepsy, seizure disorders.

The marma points located at the sole of the feet and hands are call talahridaya marma. In today’s meditation, we will be using the point in the left and right foot.

The site of this marma is in the upper center of the sole in line with the root of the third toe. The Plantar aspect of the third tarsometatarsal joint, where the external plantar artery sweeps across the plantar arch of the foot.

The function of Talahridaya foot marma.

This marma point controls the respiratory system ( Pranavaha Srotas), circulation and heat reception on the skin ( Bhrajata Pitta), and the feet as a motor organ.

It also controls two important nadis: the giver ( Hastijihva Nadi) and receptive nadis. (Yashasvati Nadi). It controls the earth element in the body as a whole and the feet as a motor organ.

How to massage Talahridaya Marma.

Apply marma massage to the are, using a strong circular motion for about 5 minutes or until the energy in the foot is released. Use sheerabala Taila ( oil) to strengthening the immune system and reduce vatta dosha.

Use diuretic aromatic oils like cedar, Himalayan cedar, parsley, or juniper to promote circulation in the lower body. The application of garlic oil here is very grounding, calming and vatta reducing. It also strengthens the immune system, the reproductive system and Ojas.

Aromatic oils like cinnamon, cardamom, saffron and ginger applied at this point are good for stimulating the heart.

Meditation on Talahridaya Marma

This marma is an excellent point for meditation to create grounding, calm Vatta and draw healing energies from the earth into the body and circulatory system. It can also be used to release negative energies and stress down into the earth.