By Isabela Blanchet

Senses produce perceptions. Right perception of reality is the key to understand your life, your world and your inner freedom. – Berdhanya Swami Tierra

Your five senses are the doorway to your reality. The way you perceive depends on how clean are the organs of perceptions. The five organs of perception are the nose for smell, the eyes for sight, the mouth for taste, the ears for hearing and the skin for touch.

With the amount of information coming from our external environment and the little maintenance we supply to our senses overloads and dulls the organs. This, in turn, debilitates you ability to perceive properly.

Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of the purifying of the senses to maintain clear and right perception. This ancient science of life proposes a specific treatments to clean and rejuvenate each of senses.

Lets review their names as well as some steps and benefits of this powerful ayurvedic program. This five-step program is simply called « Purification of the senses ». It is highly recommended if any of this senses are in a phase of decay or need support. Eyes for example benefit a great deal from a regeneration treatment after long hours on the computer.

Purification of the nose : Nasya treatment

How its done:

  • First comes a water and salt nasal wash through the sinuses
  • Then the tissues are fed with drops of ghee or medicated oils.

Some of the benefits:

  • Curbs nasal congestion and the common cold
  • Helps reduce or cure allergies
  • Relieves vascular headaches and migraines


Purification of the tongue: Gandus

How its done:

  • There is gargling with a detox mix of water, milk and herbs
  • Followed by gargling with a different mix to nourish the tissues

Some of the benefits:

  • Your taste buds and saliva glands are revitalized
  • Your teeth are whitened
  • The overall health of your gums improves, preventing the risk of gingivitis


Purification of the eyes: Karn Tarpan

How its done:

  • First there is an eye wash with triphala tea for each eye
  • Then each eye in turn is bathed in ghee or medicated oil
  • Eye exercises complete the treatment

Some of the benefits:

  • Tissues in the eyes and tear ducts are cleared and cooled off
  • Floaters are removed (may take more than one treatment)
  • The optic nerve is nourished and becomes more supple.
  • Eye fatigue is relieved


Purification of the ears: Arshitarpana

How its done:

  • A small quantity of ghee (clarified butter) is poured in each ear and left to absorb for a short while

Some of the benefits:

  • Old wax is removed
  • The tissues of the outer, mid- and inner ear are moistened
  • The health of organs and bones of your ears is improved
  • Mental and emotional stress are soothed
  • The frequency of frowning during concentration is reduced, thus preventing wrinkles

SHIRODARA: To calm the mind

How its done:

  • A fine stream of oil on your forehead provides a massage with its back and forth movement.

Some of the benefits:

  • Intelligence, longevity and memory increase
  • The adrenals and the immune system are strengthened.


You may think that the implementation of this program or as treatments in your daily practice is complex. However, the treatments can be done one at a time, a series of the same over a week, once a week for 7 weeks, all five in one day, or over 7 days before pancha karma (full body purification).

If you are interested in implementing these practices in your daily or seasonal routine, please contact Isabela Blanchet.

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