The point of guidance

Hridaya means heart, is one center, with one pulse and significant influence on the quality of life and eloquence of a person.

The word hridya in Hindi also means the one that receives or distributes. Thus we know that heart is an anatomical structure present in our body that receives blood from the superior vena cava along with inferior vena cava moreover distributes the blood to the whole body. But in Ayurveda, hridaya is harmonized with both brain and heart functions.

So my dear hridaya marma is far from the anatomical structures; it is a superstructure of super science, i.e. marma therapy. But generally, to delineate things quickly, we depict hridaya marma as the heart that stimulates the “Anahata chakra,” a pulsation that provides us with spiritual guidance.

Influences of Hridaya Marma in your body

This marma, the side of 4 finger units ( 4 anguli), has multiple functions that regulate the balance of the body. Here a few this that this point does for you:

1.- It controls plasma, blood and circulatory system. When there is flow, there is strength, energy and assimilation of nutrients.

2.- It controls the power of your mind by regulating the different pranas, specially Sadhaka pitta, vyana and prana vayus, meaning all directions of the air in the body are regulated by this center.

3.- It also participates in the formation of Ojas, which strenth the immune system and plasma.

4.- Hridaya center also aids the flow of breath milk.

5. When we call this center the seat of mind and consciousness ( higher self), we know that it is in this region where our awareness dwells during a state of deep sleep.

6.- It governs the pranic and soul forms of Agni ( fire). terms like the soul fire, brilliance and wisdom to communication come from this center.

Connecting with Hridaya marma

Massage broadly and gently using the palm of the hands or simply putting your hands over the heart has a calming effect.

Applying sesame oil is good for calming the region and reducing vatta dosha.

Mustard oil is better for improving circulation and removing stagnation and Kapha.’ For alleviating pitta in cases of inflammatory diseases of the heart like pericarditis, massage the region with Brahmi oil, sandalwood or sweet aromatic oils like Jazmin, lotus, rose and saffron.

Sandalwood oil will relieve both vata and pitta from the heart and helps promote calmness and deep sleep.

Eucalyptus oil will clear mucus and Kapha from the heart. Ginger, cinnamon and elecampane aromatic oils will stimulate circulation.

Ayurveda has a beautiful treatment call Hrid Basti or an oil bath on the heart with specif medicate oils to induce deep calmness and regulate the heart.

Meditation and Hridaya Marma

Meditating in the heart calms the mind, relieves emotional stress and helps to promote deep sleep. By meditating on the heart chakra, strength the air element, the skin, the sense of touch and the hands as a motor organ. You can use the seed mantra YAM for the cosmic air element or the heart mantra HRIM. Touch or stimulate this marma in the out-breath.

Shifting one’s attention from the head to the heart is also a critical yogy method for internalization of the mind and the senses. It naturally will reduce anxiety and agitation.

The heart is the center of the higher self or essence; it has many layers and mysteries. It is recognized in all spiritual philosophies to refer to worship, deep meditation and inner strength.

Yoga and Hridaya Marma

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