Creative Meditation

Inspiration is the openness to meditation

Creative meditations have the element of inspiration. Inspiration is an openness, and that openness is creative, spontaneous, aware, and alert to the flow of the unknown.

When we dance and let the music take over our movements, our breath, our mind, we start having an openness towards meditation.

Any activity is a potential meditation, a simple gesture done in complete awareness, in total guidance becomes a meditation.

Anything new you do has the potential to bring you into meditation. If you have never seen the sea, and suddenly you are in front of a turquoise moving mass of water with dancing capricious foam, your senses will be ecstatic, you will have a moment of nothingness in your mind. If you try to follow what you have been told, or what the mind expects, then you are closed to inspiration.

For creative meditations you need centredness

The living state of meditation requires presence within you. You need a station upon which all your actions, intentions, and speech are based upon. It does not matter what. It will create a certain centredness and from there a creative, spontaneous being will emerge. It is not to sit and focus hard on something, this will create a dilemma in your mind, you cannot be spontaneous, rigid, and forceful at the same time. You can sit. Lovingly.

Developing loving presence

You can centre yourself by looking lovingly at an object for a while. Do not put any utility on the object, simply observe a fruit for example. Do not change it. Observe pears let’s say for 2 or 3 months, just looking at them, and wait. Slowly you begin to create a loving centredness inside you, gradually all the objects lose their utility and the attitude of love remains as your centre. From there all the actions, speech, and behaviours become separate from any utility. All your actions, speech, and behaviours become creative meditations. This effortless way of moving within yourself and connecting to the external is a living, active, and inspiring meditation for all people around you.

Moving out of technique

Meditators get confused about the techniques towards centredness and meditation, they don’t realize that the importance does not lie in creating the centre. Through the technique you create a centre and once you are there so fully and totally, the centre disappears, dissolves, explodes, then a deep silence emerges. That non-centre is out of the technique. It is a big magnet that energizes your whole existence, your whole being.

Once you dissolve in your centre, meditation is active and alive. You can paint, dance, sit with eyes closed, cook or clean, and it happens that you enter a sensitive space, a blissful smile comes, you are in an unshakable creative meditation. That flow makes your life useful, it activates your life force towards others, and others are inspired and uplifted around you.