Group healing activities propel self-understanding, communication and compassion.

Well-being begins on the inside.

Workshops with Berdhanya and Matthew can vary from a two-hour meeting, to an entire day. They can be found at one of her three centres: Ottawa, Wakefield or Ladysmith, or internationally. Regardless of the location or the format of the workshops, these meetings are striking times for the seeker, and gives them space to experiment with their own understanding of reality as well as to benefit from new themes that compliment their studies.

Upcoming Intensives


The first 3 months of intensives (Fall 2020) will explore the gestation of the feminine in the structure of belonging. The second trimester (early 2021) will focus on the energetic development and cohesiveness between the structure of being and the structure of belonging. Each intensive offers an oracle reading, teachings, personal interactions, and a meditation. Intensives are in Wakefield Quebec.

Sept. 12 2020: The Anatomy of cohesiveness.
Berdhanya and Matthew will lay out the relation of the structure of being with the second and 3 dimension. Pre-requisite: Inwardly realized and dimensions course
October 2020: The female warriors of Orion

This topic of exploration will heal and integrate the biological influences of the females warriors of the constellation Orion.

Nov. 14 2020: The 3th ear.
This intensive offers restoration on the harmony and pulse of the 3th ear.
Dec. 12: The arrival of the new moon
The resonances of the present moon will be overlapping with a new earth influences in Dec. 2020. This intensive offer a synchronization ceremony to the earth bodies.
Jan 16 2021: The 3th womb.
As Earth travels in space in an ascending way, it touches new forms and new possibilities for evolution. This intensive restores the 3th womb in the soul bodies.
Feb. 13 2021 : The 4 fibres of the heart
The way we love, sense each other and express our inspirations determines the information available in our sector of the galaxy.  This intensive opens a space to make a conscious choice to contribute to humanity.
March 27 2021: The cohesive of the parallel self

This intensive offer a ceremony to align the parallel self in the 4 dimension.

April 17 2021: Healing the cellular moon

This intensive facilitates a purification and healing of our cellular moon.

May 15 2021: Second dimension and pyramids

Berdhanya and Matthew are facilitating teachings that will unite the blood, the soul and the spirit in the personal dimension of the student.

June 19 2021: The 10th heart

The heart at this times will need fortification to received new resonances and spectrums of light. This intensive fortify the seeker 10th heart.

Where: 22 Hillcrest Wakefield. Time: 9 am to 12 pm. Cost: 175.00
Working with Berdhanya in intensives is a rare and remarkable opportunity for spiritual development, and I feel very blessed to be part of this movement each month. As a guide, Berdhanya brings incredible depth, precision, openness and majesty to each topic that we explore. I always feel the effects of these intensives about a week before the class begins, as the invisible forces start shaping challenges and opportunities for me to understand my reality in a new way. It is so beautiful and awe-inspiring to learn to navigate reality in this way, where a change in consciousness and self-perception immediately ripples into the creation of a new reality. I am also thankful to be surrounded by such a committed group of souls each month, where I can learn from others who also united under the common goals of self-liberation, self-mastery and self-realization. Thank you to both Berdhanya and Matthew for your guidance and inspiration in these times. I truly feel we are part of the same unit, and am enjoying every moment. BRIYA

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