The power of the feminine is to create life. Our world, the world of our future generations and our love for life are all in the hands of every woman.

Ayurveda Women Care is a beautiful, healing and transformative to help you explore your sexual and reproductive health as a woman. Based on the science of Ayurveda, this course offers a wealth of information on women’s self-care, including alternative solutions for fertility, menstrual cycle disorders, sexual pleasure and natural hygiene.

This 10-hour self-guided course was created by Dr. Shamna Prajit, ayurvedic doctor and Berdhanya Swami Tierra, a female shaman and spiritual teacher. Through their collaboration, these two women bring their knowledge and expertise to the table to offer modern women and uplifting perspectives and practices for female wisdom and self-care.


Learn in this course


  • The mystic origins of the feminine
  • How to conceive a healthy child.
  • How to take care of the reproductive system and correct common disorders (such as menstrual discomforts)
  • How to prepare simple ayurvedic formulas using common foods and herbal medicine
  • How to use meditation for self-healing
  • A yoga practice to balance a mature the second chakra.
  • Recommendations for the ideal ayurvedic treatments for women
  • Dietary recommendations for women
  • Cycles of the woman in Ayurveda – not clear what this means – in age or in the menstrual cycle: Ayurvedic wisdom on the power of cycles in a woman’s life
  • Satsangs for healing the feminine

Included in this course

Lost Secrets of the Feminine, by Berdhanya Swami Tierra

Yes, this rich course is designed for students who are familiar with the basics of Ayurveda and who wish to enhance and empower their beauty, grace and feminine power. It is truly a real bundle of joy and wisdom to empower your feminine nature.

Content of this course

Class 1: Origins of the Feminine (45-minute class)

Does this class include an overview of the female in Ayurveda and the ayurvedic modes of life

Includes a video and a satsang by Berdhanya about the Origin of the Female Force (3 audios, 1 video, one PDF)

Class 2: The Conception of the Female (1 hour)

This class aligns your personal womb with the divine womb. In this course, Dr. Shamna refers to what is needed to conceive a female.

Includes a 30 minutes yoga class and a quiet reading from the book “Lost Secrets of the Feminine”. (3 audios 2 videos) 

Class 3: The Cycles of the Female (1 hour)

This lesson recovers your sense of purity and informs you of how Ayurveda see the different cycles in the female.

Keep practicing yoga and reading. (3 audios, 1 video) 

Class 4 and 5: Preparing Herbal Formulations in Ayurveda (105 minutes)

In these 2 hands-on classes, learn different ways to prepare ayurvedic medicine.

Meditate to clear negativity from your central channel, learn about false and real emotions and go deeper into your yoga practice. (6 audios, 1 video)

Class 6 and 7: Considerations and conditions in the menstrual flow (45 minutes each)

Learn all the variables for a good menstrual flow and how to solve the different types of reproductive imbalances.

(3 audios, 1 video) 

Class 8 and 9: Rituals and Treatments to Empower the Feminine (30 minutes each class)

In this class, enjoy a morning meditation and learn the different home treatments you can do for a healthy yoni. (4 audios 1 video)

Cost: $250.00 CD.