The fascinating definitions of marmas include a point in the body related to the energies of the body, mind, prana and dosha. They are vital connecting points to all aspects of our energy, from the innermost consciousness to the outermost physical organs.

Charaka ( the book of Ayurveda) defines marma as sites where muscles, veins, ligaments, bones, and joints meet together, though these structures need not be present in each marma.  

According to Sushruta, marmas are places where the three doshas ( vatta, pitta, Kapha ) are present, and their subtle forms as prana, Tejas, and Ojas also the three gunas of sattva, rajas and tamas. This means that marmas control the outward form of the doshas and their inward essences or master form. ( prana Tejas, Ojas) and also the mind.

Let’s introduce you to the terms Ojas.

Ojas in Sanskrit translates as bodily strength, vigour, energy, ability, and power. Think of Ojas as the container that holds your abundant energy. 

It is the ultimate energy reserve of the body and mind. It is the purest essence of Kapha, and physically, it is related to reproductive, hormonal, and cerebrospinal fluids. Ojas is the power of your immunity; marmas help maintain our immune system and be treated to boost its capabilities. Connected to Ojas, their treatment can be used for rejuvenation; related to the mind, their treatment can release stress and promote meditation.

Kukundara marma

These two marma points located on both posterior superior iliac spine notches, just above buttocks ( inside the hip bone), control circulatory system and blood formation. It also relates to the menstrual system and the sex chakra, Ojas and Apana.

It is related to the Kapha dosha related to all water content in the body, blood, lymphatic system, and other fluids. Meditating in these points brings control of the water element, the sense of taste and the urinogenital organs. The resonance of the cosmic waters is VAM.

We can conclude that kukundara marma holds the innate memories of the body. It is a place where the resonance of strength ( Ojas) takes form. Being located in the great cave of the hip, it resonates with an impactful acoustic on emotions, moon cycles, and deep memories and beliefs.

For stimulating this marma, you can use Manjistadi Taila or Kottamchukadi ( calamus, garlic and galangal oil) or massage with safflower and mustard oil.- If you are using aromatic oils, choose oils that stimulate blood like angelica, saffron, rosemary, turmeric or myrrh.

In case the immune system ( Ojas ) is low, massage with tonifying herbs like Shatavari or ashwagandha oil. Apply marma massage to the area using a vigorous circular motion for about five minutes. Firm acupressure can also be applied here.

Yoga poses to stimulate kukundara marma