Many of us are stuck in the conviction that we need to trust in order to let go, to move into our power and to reclaim our potential. We put the word “trust” on a pedestal and we circle around it without understanding its nature and its role in our structure.

Are we born trusting? If I see a child in the arms of its mother, there is no distrust of any kind. As we get older and life proves that our concepts of reality are not as we expected, we resent and acquire the concept of “trusting”.

Trust is born only to the ones who are self-committed. Naturally, the deepest self is able to rely on someone who is reliable in delivering stability, routine and presence. If we are consistent and present to our emotional needs, to our physical requests, the Self trusts us, and we project that into our creation and to our outside life. We need to understand that if we are not committed to our passions, to animate a Higher Self, or at least, to a daily practice, we are at the mercy of life’s cycles, volatile emotions and ungrounded thoughts.

By creating consistency in our lives in a way that is caring and feasible, we create self-reliance and we create self-trust. We create a piercing security that is able to take the unknown as an exciting adventure and as an element that we need for growth. Self-commitment and trust go hand-in-hand.

There are 3 stages of trust that you must nourish and dwell in as stages of maturity:

  1. The Natural State of Trust: We are born trusting. Each cell of our body trusts its development and trusts the mother, or the nourisher. In the first instance, our biological mother will take this place. She will be the representative to maintain, support and deliver that biological trust. The child trusts the mother completely and blindly; we rarely, however, see mothers that trust the child’s inner wisdom.
  1. Trust As The Ability to Explore: In this stage, you are not even considering trust. You fluidly act and progress before the different stages of your life with joy, enthusiasm and curiosity, and the desire to learn and display yourself. If you observe closely in your life, the most natural and successful movements that you made in relationships did not need the element of trust; the knowing of the movement was unquestionable. You just simply acted on it. Distrust in further relationships are born out of false conclusions, betrayal or self-inflicted expectations of yourself, and in extreme cases, physical abuse.
  1. You Are Trust: Here, you realize that the divine qualities of support, nourishment, encouragement and confidence is you. All divine attributes, including trust, are incorporated in your identity. In this state, you emanate a divine confidence that is unquestionable and trustworthy.

All three stages of trust allow us to exercise our ability to receive the mysterious and capricious agendas of the divine with no questions and without agendas. It refines our ability to serve and to embody the divine daughter who reflects the feminine qualities of the divine order.

Berdhanya Swami Tierra is a spiritual teacher, author and mystic. Her teachings have spread to reach an international audience, producing a movement of education and self-awareness in individuals and communities. Contact her today to start your Customized Self Cultivation Program.