The first thing that I want to mention is the innate power that we all have to create form; this is a divine attribute and we all share that quality of the Source. Imagine this innate power to create form as an organ embedded in all 12 bodies of your structure of being. It’s everywhere inside and outside of us.


Now some parts of this organ are compressed inside the body creating our inner reality, the sense of “how I am inside.” Now let’s pause for a moment to consider that inner world: What is it? How is it formed? What do I really think about myself? What is my relationship with me?

You will see that your relationship with you is a direct construct of your concepts, beliefs and value systems and that inside, there are contradictory belief systems. Some are preferences; some are rejections. Some invented; some acquired.

This is an important part because it’s in that inner space that you create your sense of spirit, your sense of source, your spiritual ambiance. In that ambiance, you have a contradictory relationship and a position toward your finite and infinite existence.

The most common position from that polarity is: I need to defend it, protect it. And there’s a difference between defending and protecting. Most of the time, you go into the defending position. Defending from what? To let the other in. To share, to be equal, to belong to something beyond your little world. On the other hand, there’s protection. You should protect your sacredness, your heart and that intimacy that allows you to sense all existence. This needs to be protected from your own ego, from your own destructive tendencies, from your defence mechanisms.   

The Spiritual Ambiance

For example, let’s take the spiritual ambiance that you create from your values and concepts about your spiritual self. This will become the dwelling of your spiritual identity, a spiritual flavour which will select or reject any other different spiritual belief systems.

The moment you do that, you stop being spiritual. You are just constructing something that’s convenient for you. It’s the story of all religions. Dogmas start to arise; preferences start to arise. The moment you defend your belief system, you stop protecting the true value of existence and the true meaning of spirituality. There’s the inner polarity. I want to address this inner spiritual polarity.

You have other polarities, such as the inner polarity of partnership. Again, you create an ambiance of who you are. If I am a woman, then I create some kind of image that gives a sense of goodness and value. You have one identity for work and one for family and so on… It’s a chaos inside there, there’s no unity or a single one that unites all the faces of different roles and makes no preferences or identification with any of the possible multiple faces.

But the one that I want to address in this context is the spiritual one. You as a spiritual being. You in relation to spirit. You in relation to the Spirit bodies: of truth, of light, of freedom and a sense of belonging. Your spirituality is based on these 4 aspects, and any conceptualization, values or belief around them denotes the true understanding of what you are.

The powerful organ that is constructing your beliefs, uses prana (the vital force), uses your resources, your intelligence and the juices of alchemy. Creating a spiritual identity requires much effort and vital juices. Defending it doubles the energy that you invest in that false reality and acting on that falsity uses the rest of the energy that you have available.

We use our energy to animate our falsity. In the end, we fail in seeing (our falsity) and protecting our true spirit (infinity).

The Infinite Reality and Your Finite Form

I often mention to you that all that’s needed is to drop the defending position, that your enquiry is needing to dance around how you defend and animate your invented self. It’s what do you do to avoid the other, to contact the other and to relate to the other.

The “other” can be another person, a project, your life, but mostly, the other is that infinite self that’s trying to be with you, to become you and to merge all parts of you. The other is not a polarity, it’s the other dimension of you, the larger part of you, the wise part, the compassionate part, the lightness of existence.

Let’s clarify that your infinite reality is not separate from your finite form. They are embedded as the perfume is in a flower. They’re so intimate that we miss this distinction, that love affair between form and non-form.

Really, all that’s needed is to let the other enter your locked cave. It’s just a choice. I repeat: it’s just a choice. The choice has a certain lucidity and effortlessness. It has the same ease as choosing a meal from a menu in a restaurant or choosing the type of dress you want to wear for certain occasion.

Once the choice is made, the how’s the why’s and the flow of your inner wisdom synchronize all parts of your structure of being. The great roulette of life is put in motion. Then, your chances to correctly perceive your nature are higher, and you are surely protected in the light of your spiritual rights.

We must synchronize your finite and infinite, and this is only possible when we drop the defending and start protecting our true nature with our impeccability and wisdom.

We can say that your spiritual identity, your desire to be good and to be holy is surely a face of devotion. However, when you identify with it, under that is guilt, and feeling unworthy of God’s affection, consideration and guidance. A process of forgiveness and updating as necessary. You are the god, you are a fractal replica of the loving cosmic intelligence, so why not to embrace it?

The End of Spiritual Polarity

The spiritual polarity ends with dropping your defending positions. It ends in deep relaxation, in relief and in a joy that all is moving in a motionless state of purity, innocence and protection.

By dropping spiritual polarities, we naturally start thinking in a paradoxical way, in an inclusive way, where everything in existence has a role, a purpose, even your suffering and your neurosis. All has its place because all is the play of the eternal being.

Choosing to be the other, to reach out to our brothers and sisters, or to reach in, to each cell of our body defines the courage, the love and the pleasure that you are willing to hold. As you expand in that invitation, in that dynamic, all acquire a different meaning, purpose and movement.

Being with the other, in whatever frequency, is the total acceptance of a pure and innocent existence.