This 4th century winter ceremony/meditation is lovely for children and adults. It is now incorporated in many Waldorf schools as a way to celebrate the equalization of light and darkness at winter solstice.

The spiral walk teaches reverence, compassion, and journeying on a path to find where you stand in the dark vast space of the universe. Don’t you think every child and adult could benefit from this experience?

Traditionally, this meditation is done after you have constructed a spiral with cedar branches.

Basically, the idea is this: create a large spiral created of pine greenery and interesting branches. Decorate with crystals, pine cones and other natural winter items. In the centre, place a stable tree stump (one that doesn’t wobble!) with a flat surface . On the tree stump, place a large pillar candle, lit.

Outside of the spiral, one person will with a tray full of red apples (one per person). The apples need to have been cored and a small candle is placed into each. Test out the apple candles to ensure they stand firmly – discard any which have a tendency to fall over. One adult carries the trays and hands an unlit apple candle to each person as they take turns coming in up to the spiral. Once they arrive at the centre, they can light up their candle from the main candle and put it in the branches. Allow each person take turns going in and out of the spiral, and then sit outside the spiral in silence and contemplation.

This meditation can be done in group or by yourself. It is all about your intention! Enjoy it.