Satsang, September 5 Ottawa

In this unit of the teachings, we are entering into a semester that will deal with the Autochthonous Light. This is the theme of the semester.

We may have so many different definitions about the meaning of autochthonous, but in this semester, we will be taking different parts of ourselves that are the actual origin of ourselves. One of them is the light itself, where we are not used to enlightening the different bodies in the structure of being. So we start with a little tiny flame, and we start by recognizing that this kind of light is linked to all the light that exists. So even if we have just the awareness, or the right perception of ourselves, that we have a tiny little flame that is linked simultaneously to all parts of the Original Light.

I know right now that it is not going to make sense, or to understand from the depths that I wish you to see it. So what is requested now is the question: What is my original self? What is my original light? What is my original existence? That’s what it means, autochthonous. The origin. The first landers. And that autochthonous because it is very much related to the light of the Earth, the light inside. We have explored much in the Heavens. This is the time now to bring attention to Earth, to the spirit of Earth.

So with that, then, the Earth proposed topics that are related to that. And in this particular time, it’s about clans. Your clan. What clan you belong to. Your original clan. Your original name?. Your role in the clan. Your reframing of clans. Your letting go, and becoming established in other clans. And understand that, when we talk about clans, some are within ourselves. The cells start to partner up with each other, to have more sense of cooperation with each other. The organs are, in a way, more receptive to cooperating with each other. You may say, “Is that not always the case?” But no, it’s not necessarily always the case. The heart is not necessarily aware of the toe, the cells of the toe. The toe is not necessarily aware that there is a brain on the other side. It’s like a universe. It’s too big for one little part to be aware of the other parts. But at this time, the opportunity is: Oh, there is another clan. There is another tissue. There is another. So all the parts that touch each other, or that are transitional, from one tissue to another tissue, will become aware.

Let’s talk a little bit about biology. Let’s say you have the tissues of the heart, the cardiac tissues. The heart is not just floating there, it has other tissues around it that are transitional to other organs around, such as the lungs or the veins. The cardiac tissue may not be aware of the other’s existence. That’s why you may say, “Oh I feel my heart.” But the lungs are right there, but do you feel them? If I breathe? Do you have that experience? The isolated sensation of certain organs, or of parts of the body.

Now, the connecting tissues, the ones that actually connect, they have the opportunity to connect through light, or in light. So the clan of the body, the humanity of the body becomes much more perceptive, much more solid, more cooperative with each other. In equal way, we will see this outside of ourselves.

With some members of our family, it’s very clear that, “Oh, you are not my frequency. You may be blood related, but you are not my clan.” You talk and it’s like, it’s just not going that way, it’s not flowing that way. So right now, it’s inevitably about clans and family interactions. So don’t waste time trying to preserve something that is not necessarily meant to be preserved. You may interact, but it doesn’t have the effect of nourishing your light.

So this is something that you need to be aware of: not to lose your flame that is supposed to internally connect something, through sentimentality, to maintain a certain clan that is not meant to be maintained. Again, it’s not a black and white thing. It’s not that you don’t need to relate. But you are preserving something. And that something is the light that is given right now, for the seeker, to explore the qualities of light within the Earth.

It’s very dim right now. It’s like in the beginning, when we make a fire. You need to pay attention, because it may be extinguished. But this is what is given. It is a complete initiation to a light that has not been seen on the surface of Earth yet, that your body somehow remembers, because it’s original in you, but that your body has not learned to retain. It leaks.

So, with this movement, the two great forces that you have, the male and female forces within you need to be in perfect partnership, each one distinguishing it’s attributes. Right now, the female essence is very airy. Woosh! It looks, it searches, like a teenager in heat. It searches. Therefore, the ether and air elements move more quickly. You may feel very inspired. A lot of inspirations! Ah, let’s do this, let’s do that, let’s change this, let’s go out. All the female attribute. Expansion. Inspiration. Let’s do more.

But paradoxically, it’s not the force that we need to enhance. What we need to enhance is the male energy — essence, presence, neutrality, steadiness — so that all lights can do their work, can start penetrating, can start engendering. And it has to gestate in the more solid form (the physical body), it has to gestate in the gravitational force, in the plasmic force and in the electrical force. Imagine! So that little flame can be grounded in the Earth. Earth Bodies. Earth presence. Matter.

The male has a strong force of discernment and in these times, you definitely have no time to accommodate or to negotiate. If you see something, you need to be like a blade. That way, you sustain your female; the female aspect of you will feel secure, will feel protected, will feel contained, will feel agile, it will feel that it has the space to gestate, to take care of the flame.

If your male is out of balance, it becomes critical, opinionated, rigid, one-pointed mind. So it’s another kind of stability, but it’s not a productive stability. It’s a stability that is not providing, it’s stealing. We want the pure gold, that stable pyramid, there, at the centre of the pituitary. Stable, but not rigid.

And that is the tendency, because we have a habit: in order to be stable, we tend to be rigid. We tend to want to keep things. Okay, nothing moves! That’s not it. What I mean by stable is how relaxed you are in holding your own light. Neutrality means how you maintain dispassion and no opinions about your experiences, the experiences of others and the investigation that the female aspect naturally will do.

The role of the male, the golden pyramid, is of great importance to give birth (or to give stability) to the great moon on top. The moon is not that big; it’s in perfect proportion to the male. If it’s too big, the male has to work more than is needed. If it’s too small, the male will feel limited and resentful, because there’s not enough space to move, to explore. When the silver disc is stable and trusting of that pyramid, the moon is able to reflect, like an iridescent light, all the different information, all the different types of light, that we are able to receive, to digest. When that happens, that glittering, immediately a combustion happens. Male and female — Poof! — in perfect balance. That is the light that is available, consecutively, in the next 6 months or so.

It will give different phases, different depths, different altitudes. It will explore the whole entire structure. And very modestly, it will light, it will light, it will light. What? The origin. Specifically, the origin. The origin you as a race, the origin you as a human, the origin you as people of this land, the origin of you in a certain clan, the origin of your blood. All will be considered and visited.

So whatever movement is in your consciousness right now, I am sure that it’s related to clan, to family, to how you’re located, to how you’re imparting. It’s in the agenda.

My advice now is: recognize what is the frequency that you belong to and don’t try to bend to something that is not there, just because you have an idea of how it should be. That’s your worst enemy. You have an idea of what family is, what education is, what clan is, what community is, how you should be in a community, what role you should play. For now, just be innocent. Recognize that, “Okay, I am being called here to take a position in my clan.” And mostly, the position is that you have to show up with your power.

I hope by this time you recognize what are your attributes, and you have to show up. If you’re lacking respect, request respect. How? By not negotiating. “Oh, I don’t want to hurt your feelings so I won’t say anything…” No. You have learned to be graceful, to communicate, to exchange, to negotiate. You cannot chew the old Chiclet, you know?

If not, the light that is dim right now, the potentiality of your structure, will disappear. At this moment, it’s available to the whole structure. It is your awareness, your impeccability, your presence, your willingness, not to faint, to keep your male erection. Do you know what male erections feel like? They insist and they insist and they insist and they insist. And they are not happy until they get you. Same thing here.

It’s the male aspect that you need. And if you have any conversations about the male aspect, it’s time right now to reframe that. In order to be more female at this point, to gestate the light, you need the male. You need the male to penetrate. Infusion of light.

We gave these teachings recently in a little video that we did. I asked Matthew to give teachings on the types of male. And please don’t see it as the external male.

There is the male that is copper, that just conducts. Matthew has given the image of the New Age man, who is very attractive to women, very conducive to the similarities of the female…

Matthew: The copper man conducts whatever is prevalent, not necessarily out of sovereignty. You can’t trust a copper man.

Berdhanya: So the copper man seems very sympathetic and very la-la-la. Have you met that kind of man? Very attractive. He has the braids, long hair. Very sexy, but…

Within yourself, you have that quality too. You know something and your postpone it. You don’t confront it. You don’t have solidarity with you. You know you have to say something to a son or daughter or something, and you back off. You just go with the flow. But that is what dims the light, that is what steals something from you.

And it appears as a male that seduces you. Oh yes, I know, I have the image, I can relate, I have the idea… You are very creative and sensual, but you don’t apply. You don’t apply. You doubt. You just go with the flow. Therefore, the cells of the body will not trust you. They won’t trust you, because you are not reaffirming over and over again that you’re reliable. And then comes the second stage: the iron man.

Matthew: The iron man! You can depend on an iron man. It’s like an iron pot. It gets very hot and it stays hot. But to make it, it is poured into a mould. So it’s only that. It’s very rigid and it’s very fragile too. Like, if you drop an iron pan, it will break. But you can depend on it. It’s sovereign, it’s dependable, it’s solid, you know?

But the negative side is that it can be dogmatic, it can be stubborn. Everything that you can imagine about iron.

Berdhanya: Right. So that’s the other aspect that we need to see in ourselves: my male aspect, that rigid aspect of my clan should look, how my family should look, how my role in front of the clan should look. If you approach it in the iron way, you are just casting yourself back into the same thing. You are not giving the light, the new flame — unseen! — a chance to live. So this is another way that you reduce your flame.

Now, recognizing that you have been through a process of transformation and transmutation, and that you have the self-qualification of who you are, what are your primary elements. And you have massaged that. And you have crystallized that. And you have put it in the fire, over and over. And this makes you the steel man.

Matthew: Yes. The steel man. To make steel, they take a chunk of ore and they super-heat it, like at thousands of degrees and all the impurities come out. And, to use steel to make a sword, for example, when it cools down, they pound it, like thousands of times. So it’s ply after ply after ply and its pounded, pounded, pounded, pounded, and then it’s polished.

The quality of steel is that it can have a razor sharp edge, and it can cut. And it’s flexible, like a good sword, that you can bend it and it will bounce back to exactly where it was. It can get hot too, but it doesn’t stay hot too long. It can cut very cleanly, which, within ourselves, can be of great benefit, to have the right metal or the right steel, at times when we do have to cut, you know? We have to be merciless sometimes in cutting cords.

Berdhanya: Are you getting the image of the male? It’s not the man per se. It’s the quality of how you’re dealing with the new light, with the new changes, and the invitation of what Earth is requesting from you.

We have developed much on the qualities of the female. She needs to be accompanied now. She needs to be protected now. She needs to be given the freedom to gestate.

So you can use the image of a troupe, a battalion of warriors, making great noises, calling, announcing. Here we are! Announcing. The female is in the centre, doing her things. Exploring. As the male expands, the female has space. As the male expands, it goes high and it goes deep. There is a movement. There is a match, and that is the new light. In clans. Inside the body. Outside the body.

So please reframe in your head the idea of male. Abandon the gender and become the quality. You are not a female and you are not a male. And paradoxically, you are both.

Are there any questions regarding this new semester?

Question: Since I am new, I am wondering if it’s better to take notes, or just to listen, to receive the energy that comes?

Berdhanya: Look and listen to me, because great transmission is happening in satsangs. Everything is recorded and you can listen to it again.

Question: So if you’ve been feeling a certain pull with regards to family, is that something that we should recognize or is it something that is going to be dropped in favour of something else?

Berdhanya: Just be aware that this is where the movement is. The cycle right now is about clans, so when you are aware of what is more malleable, then you direct the energy toward that. Like, this is not the moment to create structures. Right now, it’s where are you in the clan? What role do you have? What is your autochthonous self in that movement?

You are actually re-designing your incarnations right now. Who will be your parents? What is your next clan? What is it you want? You’re disengaging from old contracts and you’re engaging in another kind of call.

Who in the room is having family or clan conversations? Or interests? Or questioning?

[hands raise & laughter]

This, accompanied with old things. Subconscious, old, old things, meaning all the things that you have carried from past lives. Meaning if you have incarnated 10,000 years in one clan, you’re questioning that and saying, “What is my role in this? What position should I have now?” There is a refreshment in clans, but it is in the process of gestation.

Therefore, the air, the ether are higher right now. That’s why I suggest to take care of vata right now. Who has an increase of vata right now?

[Laughter. Raise of hands.]

Agility. Movement. Restlessness. Anxiety. You know how to take care of vata, because the process is in gestation. It’s just in the ethers.

Question: If a woman has a natural spontaneous miscarriage, what is a spiritual answer to that?

Berdhanya: Read Matthew’s book, the cycles of the soul.

Matthew: The first direction.

Berdhanya: But understand me well. I am not talking about that kind of incarnation, I’m talking about your cellular incarnation, your structural incarnation. That has a history, contracts, all kinds of things.

I have given teachings about the lifespan in the uterus, but I don’t want to…

Question: If we had one role for 1,000 years in one clan, and then there is a move to a different role, what brings that change in the role?

Berdhanya: It’s not the role, it’s the status. Let’s say, if your role has been the caregiver, you are requested to expand that, to bring it to another level, to raise the quality. Let’s say you were the caregiver of wounded persons, and then you say, “I don’t need to do that anymore. I’ll do something else.” You will still use your original attribute, but it will be applied in a more refined way. At a higher frequency. So you’re still exercising and growing and getting illuminated under your own attribute. Your attribute of caregiver does not change, but this time, you may want to give care to yourself, or to animals or to something else. You refine. You move the attribute from copper to steel.

That’s why self-qualification is so so important. At the end of the book of Mastering Reality, I say that you cannot enter into this phase of the teachings if you don’t qualify yourself. If you feel diminished or if you feel poor or your little nah-nah-nah… So what? So what. The time to heal that is over. It cannot. It’s not proper. It’s not conducive. Even if we wanted to, the times are pointing toward clan, not toward you. That’s a good example of how to direct the energy right now. I am not going to transform myself right now, because it’s going to be hard. Because it’s not the season! If I plant potatoes in September, it’s not going to happen!

But the attribute is what you are being requested for right now. To show up, to crystallize it, to be represented, to be modified, to upgrade. And that attribute is a light of the divine vocabulary. Your attribute, with your perception, is the pure distillation of light. It is magnetic, it is plasmic, it is electric and it is requesting to be discharged. That is the Spirit.

Question: So is it like when we notice, “I’ve already learned that. I already know this…” Like, when you have an awareness, we notice that you’re actually disengaging?

Berdhanya: It’s not necessarily about your own attributes, of what you have learned and what you have not learned. It’s about the relocation of souls within clans. It’s actually a movement in the celestial bodies, where you are reframing the contract. Let’s say you keep incarnating in an abusive clan. Have you noticed that? Okay, my mother was raped, my grandmother was raped, everybody was raped! Okay, now you’re reframing that and saying, “No. I’ve seen this. Done. What’s next?” And you select a different clan that is in proper synchronicity to what is your next capability.

That’s why if you maximize your capabilities now, what are you doing? You’re creating a new clan on Earth! You are raising the consciousness on Earth. You may say, “Oh, but I will die and…” No! You have parallel lives that are having repercussions and assimilating and connecting and that’s one study we will do.

By the way, you guys need to read or get familiar with quantum physics. Please.

Comment: Yes. It’s the physics of light.

Berdhanya: It’s the physics of light. When one photon is rotating in one direction and entangled with another one, the other one copies. What they have not figured out is that what is copied is the one of the highest frequency. That’s why in satsang, for example, I present a template of light. Your light will naturally copy that. You don’t need to do anything. It will copy because it’s the law of physics.

Now, it’s proven that it can be all the way to infinity [suggest: now, it’s proven that the photons can be separated by infinity?] and still, if it’s entangled, it will resemble the other. I think I put a homework on quantum physics. This month, I gave another homework on quantum physics. Until you get it.

Because you are a particle of light. But you are not allowing that particle of light to behave as such, because of what we have mentioned: the rigidity, the conductivity, and all that. But the opportunity is in the air. So does this make sense, what kind of incarnation that we are talking about? It’s not about your own likes or dislikes or attributes or your accumulation of experiences. It’s the actual relocation in the planet. That is the journey of this semester.

Question: How would you suggest we direct our meditation at this point to be able to integrate all of this male energy and the role and all this.

Berdhanya: We have given the first stage which is consolidation. Do the yoga of consolidation. Because we are still consolidating what we have come from. All our experiences, all what we know, all what is finished is still overlapping with this new movement. So the more we consolidate, the more we can project.

Soon, I will be giving the different practices that we need, as we go along. It will come. Today, I just want to give an overview of what is the opportunity, the great opportunity. The practices and the stimulation will be given at the proper time, when the moon is in the right position.

So for now, just do the consolidation, the yoga of consolidation. Bring it deeper. Like today, we said, Okay, I can consolidate the brain. We don’t even need to tense anymore, right? Go deeper in the consolidation so that the light feels reassured to stay. To stay. You can stay. So whatever we can cultivate can settle.

Question: And we still keep the practice of unification?

Berdhanya: Yes. Unification. Male/ female. Earth/Sky. Gold and silver.

Question: Am I understanding correctly that the autochthonous self is related to being more and more in our essence?

Berdhanya: Yes, it’s sovereignty. It’s related to freedom, it’s related to truth, and, of course, to light, illumination. You will be surprised by how much autochthonous you have not considered about yourself. But I will in charge of that, to bring your attention toward your autochthonous self.

Actually, the Silent Retreat falls on October 12. On October 12, 600 years ago or something, it was consolidated to be the discovery of America. So this is your opportunity to travel in time and to heal the colonization aspect. Just to give you a hint of what is coming.