The ego rebels towards structure. The main function of the ego is to impose on you a frequency that is below or above the divine. In the ego sense, all you want is to win, to be right and to maintain your own private sense of control. You maintain that control with belief system that makes a structure based in limitation and personal interest. The ego convinces you on a daily basis that you are either right or wrong. If you choose “right”, you feel good, you feel obedient, you feel you are surrendered. On “the right path”,there is certain sense of power, a certain goodness and a certain empowerment. However, since that sense of “right “ has been invented by your values and your belief systems, you are always under a false structure.

If you choose the “wrong path” (e.g. I am wrong), you enhance your victim position and your self-judgment. You create a structure of self-condemnation.

The creation of false structures does not allow us to really have a divine foundation to understand and relate to our multidimensional totality. Living under a false structure limits our relationship to divine law. The small me (ego) wishes to keep its own laws and will build a defense toward the real offering of containment, solidity and stabilization.

Your relationship to your false structures creates false or limited internal laws. The ego resents boundaries, since one of the main tendencies of the ego sense is to create dramas, to trespass boundaries, to exercise power and to reaffirm its existence through internal judgements, duality and violence. Doubt, insecurity, distractions and excessive action or thoughts are, in a way, a resistance to the true structure and divine law. Your insecurities and other ego-based expressions do not allow you to see that divine law is benevolent and wishes to support your most intimate growth.

Structure is possible by the implementation of divine law, and is destroyed by laws that are excessively rigid.

The feminine in its most innate quality of expansion also resists the implementation of certain containment, of limits and of defined boundaries. We mistakenly associate divine laws with how our parents educated us, with false god images and with the pain of our original sin.

All the distortion of structure, law and limitation suppresses and delays surrender.

It prevents us from being sheltered by the qualities of the divine and prevents the flourishment of inner devotion and dedication.

Recognizing that the divine laws are not against us, that they are not oppressing us, that they are not limiting us is of vital importance to surrender and to the conquer fear.

The realization that divine structure is us, that it contains us (within and without) and that it supplies a strong, loving, loyal presence that invites all parts of us to be protected, to be sheltered, to have stability and mostly, to be part of the greater divine order.

The misuse and use of false structures limits your growth and, in ironic way, it is the one that is murdering and imprisoning your potential.

Recognize how you have distorted the qualities of structure, stillness and strength. Only then will you will be able to provide the feminine with its basics needs.