Silence is to descend into the heart.

Berdhanya had facilitated

silent retreats

3 times a year for 25 years!

Silence is to descend from the chatting of the mind to the stillness of the heart.

Silent retreats have been used in the yogi tradition for thousands of years to enter into the world within. Restricted stimulation of the senses, silence, diet, ayurveda, meditation, yoga, contemplation and self inquiry sustains our deepest desire to know the self.  Silent retreat is an opportunity to learn about yourself and to firmly establish your personal connection. Powerful meditation techniques bring the mind to one pointedness and stillness. Practices of concentration and contemplation focus our attention effortlessly towards one direction in our life. We learn inner reflection and how to create the right environment to sustain and balance our daily life. It is in the within that our outer life becomes calm and peaceful. The practice of introversion is complemented by teachings that facilitate the proper perception of our reality and inner realization.

Silence Retreats are 4 days dedicated to rest, self-examination and the realization of the true Self.

The course Practical Awakening is a prerequisite for this program.


Spring Silent Retreats

From May 25 to May 28, 2023


June 1 to the 4th-second retreat for overflow registration


Time of purification

Silent retreats are a great way to rest, contemplate and deepen your self-inquiry. Retreats with Berdhanya include periods of Satsang (oral teachings), meditations, seva (service) meditation and yoga.

The forces of Spring are about expansiveness and new beginnings. That is only possible through deep purification. We shed the stagnation of winter and we emphasize purification. The use of Ayurdeva (Panchakarma), diet and other practices assure a new rebirth of the self.


Cost: $425.00 includes food and accomodations

A $ 100.00 non-refundable deposit is needed to reserve you spot.

Ayurvedic treatments with qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner Sebastian Peralta

Special prices for Retreats

Ayurveda body treatments facilitates  and supports the stillness and the natural purification that occurs during silent retreats. During retreats the body deserve pampering and deep relaxation. Ayurveda massages had being used for hundred of years to bring the body to total regeneration and balance.

Treatments are available on Friday and Saturday.

Our qualify ayurvedic practitioner facilitates:

Adbhyanga massage: $ 80.00, One hour. Full body massage with medicated oils. Our practitioner works with organic oils for each dosha.

Head Massage: $ 45.00, 30 minutes.

Face massage: $ 45.00, 30 minutes.

You need to make reservations with Sebastian before the retreat to book your treatments.

Pay for your treatment directly to Viveda.- Treatments are not included in our program.

Considerations Before your retreat

Learn the details

To make your retreat deeper please read carefully this details.

Where to go and meeting time
Our retreat is facilitated in Pontiac, Quebec in our private lake retreat center.Our facilities are 45 minutes from Ottawa.

Adress: 18 Cosgrove St. Lake thorn. Pointiac.

Meeting time is at 6 pm on Thursday.

Directions from Shaville

From Shawville take 303 towards Ladysmith.Go 5 or 6 Km. 

Will be a sing on the fifth call Carteris turn right before the curve on Wesley.

Go down to Wesley all the way to the end, turn left.

Go over the bridge go to the end of that road. That will take you to Thorne lake road.

Turn left on Thorne lake road. 

The second right is call killoran, turn right on killoran.

Go left on cosgrove on the Y, go thought the gate and our place is on the right.

There is a residential retreat, accommodations are included in your price. Please bring your own towels and bed sheets. The retreat center charges 10.00 in case you need it.

There are 3 private rooms and share dormitory. First register, first served.

Limited enrolment to 8 persons.

Prefer to camp? We do camping space.

Agenda of the retreat
Thursday evening

6 pm registration and orientation

6:30 pm to 8 pm session

Friday and Saturday

8:00 am breakfast

9:00 am to 12 pm am session

1:00 pm lunch

2:00 pm body work, or nap

2:30 pm seva

4:00 pm to 6 pm session

6:00 pm dinner

7:00 pm body work or free time

8:00 pm end of the day program


8:00 am breakfast

9:00 am to 12:00 pm session

1:00 pm lunch

1:30 pm to 2:30 pm session

3:00 pm end of the retreat

What to bring
  • Meditation kit (cushion, shawl, Yoga mat and a large blanket). The retreat involves several sittings a day in meditation, so bring what you think you need to make you comfortable. If you are not used to sitting in meditation, seats are available.
  • Comfortable clothes.
  • Your water bottle. We have a beautiful and bountiful amount of spring water. We encourage you during the retreat to drink plenty of water.
  • Bedding and towels. The center supply bedding for an extra cost ( 10.00 Cd.)
The diet of silence retreat follow the ayurvedic principals. Our diet focus in purification and simplicity. We consider your own ayurvedic dosha for balance and rest of your digestive system.

During the retreat we will be doing a monodiet of kachari. Learn here what a monodiet is.

If you have sensitivity to ghee, please let us know. Bring your own oil.

We will supply 3 meals a day on Friday and Saturday. Sunday, one meal. For your breakfast at home, we suggest you take some leftovers from us, or cook your own kicharee at home. Find the recipe here.

Use the  week before the retreat to start eating light.

Post retreat care
The retreat finishes Sunday at 3 pm. Please schedule time for you to rest in the containment of your own home.

Avoid heavy food.

“Retreats with Berdhanya have become a must for me. For the serious student of meditation and inner-peace a step outside the regular routine is an essential journey to take. The silence retreat is a delicious opportunity to spend in inner contemplation, physical rejuvenation and spiritual expansion. Thank you Berdhanya for the retreats, I look forward to the next one.”


A retreat is a chance to suspend the judgments of my mind, and to reset the senses form endless stimulation. During the compression of silence I learn to forgive the hash critiques of life, and I find life’s inner beauty. I can participate in life in a more authentic relaxed and loving way.”

” What a pleasurable weekend ! I feel totally revitalized and refreshed after my short time here. Retreat can be a bit intimidating at times- leaving the comfort of home for a break in a total silence, knowing that I have to see parts of myself that I did not want to see…..but the serenity and rest are incomparable, better that the best of spas.”


About Berdhanya Teachings

Spiritual presence

This video will delight you with the principals of stillness and the simplicity of the self.


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In silence you are revealed.