Spring Silent Retreat in Wakefield, Quebec

From April 13, 6 pm to the 16, at 3 pm 2023

Spring is time to awaken the potential of a new season.

Return home refreshed with a clear mind and with new insights to direct your life. !

This 4-day silent retreat treats your inner desire to be well to reconnect with your inner power and let go of the obsolete.

Silent retreats are a great way to rest, contemplate and deepen your self-inquiry.

Retreats with Berdhanya include periods of Satsang (oral teachings), meditations, seva (service) meditation, breathontology sessions, ayurveda massages ( non-included in the price) and yoga.

Seekers from all walks of life and experience levels (including beginners) are welcome!

Berdhanya had facilitated

silent retreats

3 times a year for 25 years!

Silence is to descend from the chatting of the mind to the stillness of the heart.

Silent retreats have been used in the yogi tradition for thousands of years to enter into the world within. Restricted stimulation of the senses, silence, diet, ayurveda, meditation, yoga, contemplation and self-inquiry sustains our deepest desire to know the self, reconnect and balance mind, body and soul.    Retreats are a quality time to expand, heal and build inner connections.

The course Practical Awakening is advisable to take as a foundation for this program.

Register for this retreat

Invest in yourself

Cost: $450.00 includes food, no accommodations

A $ 100.00 non-refundable deposit is needed to reserve your spot.

Benefits of this program


  • Inner reconnection.
  • Purification of mind, chakras and subtle anatomy.
  • Community building
  • Deep resting and regeneration.
  • Improve meditation practice.
  • Gain inner clarity.
  • Quality inner time.
  • Personal expansion.
  • Exposure to Vedic teachings, Ayurveda and yoga.
  • Rebust your digestion and give a break to your system.

Reserve your body work

Bodywork with a certified practitioner

Sebastian is a certified massage therapist, a certified ayurvedic practitioner and a facilitator of deep healing. He had supported silence retreat with Berdhanya for over eight years. He travels with Berdhanya facilitating a space for your body to integrate and relax during inner work.

One hour bodywork: 100.00 Cd. ( Ayurvedic treatment, or what your body needs).

Ayurvedic Head massage: 50.00 Cd. 1/2 hour.

Ayurveda and Massage therapy 

Ayurveda body treatments facilitate and support stillness and natural purification during silent retreats. During retreats, the body deserves pampering and deep relaxation. Ayurveda massages have been used for centuries to bring the body to total regeneration and balance.

Contact Sebastian to reserve your body work during the retreat or another time.


Tel: 613 8675957

Considerations Before your retreat

Learn the details

To make your retreat deeper, please read these details carefully.

Where to go and meeting time

This is not a non-residential retreat.

Our daily practices will start at 8:30 am at la grange yoga hull in Wakefield.- 

Lunch and dinner will be served at 22 hillcrests.- in Wakefield.- One block from la grange.- We are not serving breakfast.

Our meeting place on Thursday is at 6 pm at la grange.

Food is not served that evening.

This is a non-residential retreat. You are responsible for your own accommodation.
Agenda of the retreat
Thursday evening

6 pm registration and orientation

6:30 pm to 8 pm session

Friday and Saturday

8:00 am breakfast

9:00 am to 12 pm am session

1:00 pm lunch

2:00 pm body work, or nap

2:30 pm seva

4:00 pm to 6 pm session

6:00 pm dinner

7:00 pm body work or free time

8:00 pm end of the day program


8:00 am breakfast

9:00 am to 12:00 pm session

1:00 pm lunch

1:30 pm to 2:30 pm session

3:00 pm end of the retreat

What to bring
  • Meditation kit (cushion, shawl, Yoga mat and a large blanket). The retreat involves several sittings a day in meditation, so bring what you think you need to make you comfortable. If you are not used to sitting in meditation, seats are available.
  • The meditation hall has yoga mats and cushions.
  • Comfortable clothes.
  • Your water bottle. We have a beautiful and bountiful amount of spring water. We encourage you during the retreat to drink plenty of water. We serve tea during the day.

The diet of silence retreat follows the ayurvedic principles—our diet focuses on purification and simplicity. We consider your ayurvedic dosha for balance and the rest of your digestive system.

During the retreat, we will be doing a mono-diet of kachari. Learn here what a mono-diet is.http://thebookoftaste.blogspot.ca/2011/11/monodiet-therapy.html.

If you have sensitivity to ghee, please let us know. Bring your own oil.

We will supply two meals daily on Friday and Saturday: Sunday, one meal.

For your breakfast at home, we suggest you cook your kicharee at home or prepare a light breakfast of your preference. Find the recipe here. http://thebookoftaste.blogspot.ca/2011/09/living-cooking-kicharee-foods-of-gods.html.

Use the week before the retreat to start eating light.

Post retreat care
The retreat finishes Sunday at 3 pm. Please schedule time for you to rest in the containment of your own home.

Avoid heavy food.

“Retreats with Berdhanya have become a must for me. For the serious student of meditation and inner-peace a step outside the regular routine is an essential journey to take. The silence retreat is a delicious opportunity to spend in inner contemplation, physical rejuvenation and spiritual expansion. Thank you Berdhanya for the retreats, I look forward to the next one.”


A retreat is a chance to suspend the judgments of my mind, and to reset the senses form endless stimulation. During the compression of silence I learn to forgive the hash critiques of life, and I find life’s inner beauty. I can participate in life in a more authentic relaxed and loving way.”

” What a pleasurable weekend ! I feel totally revitalized and refreshed after my short time here. Retreat can be a bit intimidating at times- leaving the comfort of home for a break in a total silence, knowing that I have to see parts of myself that I did not want to see…..but the serenity and rest are incomparable, better that the best of spas.”


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