August 24 to the 28

Theme: Living Ceremonies


Five days at the lake celebrating earth spirituality in sacred communion.

“Living Ceremonies” is a retreat of 4 days to enhance the management of biological energies through the comprehension and application of ceremonies.
The location of this retreat is in the heart of the pristine Canadian forest, where the five elements touch the intimacy of our devotion, gratitude and humanity.
The teachings are delivered by Berdhanya, Matthew and the members of the Council of Earth.

The magic space to liberate, regenerate, laugh and heal


Our objective is to rescue the original power of ceremonies and to animate the voice of MUA. The exteriorizations and utilizations of the vacant ritual had lost the ability of every human to empower, detach and surrender through the power of prayer and ceremonies.

We give voice to the soul of earth represented by a spirit that has taught us for the last six months. We will share her wisdom, her longing and her power.

We also empower the members of the Council of Earth” to teach and facilitate ceremonies based on the teachings of ” The Living Wealth.” 

What you will learn:

1.- What are inner ceremonies?
2.- who is MUA? Tapping into the voice of the soul of Earth.
3.- Inner pressure, Climate and meteorology
4.-  Tests and Initiations: What are tests, and how are they expressed? (To release guilt and shame).
5.- Coronation, bravery and self-esteem. The wealth of Earth.
6.-  Purification of Earth memories and collectives

7.- Reclaiming missing opportunities.
8- Facing Fear in Inner Ceremonies.

9.-Divine structure and soul journey.

10.-Cosmic structures and the spine

11.- Practicums, spiritual lodge, yoga, meditation and of course ceremonies.

What will you experience?

Our retreat focuses on self-oriented experiences where we share our own wisdom and aid each other in integrating powerful and unique experiences.- We offer teachings based on earth wisdom. In our agenda, we have early morning sessions of pranaontology, meditation, one sweat lodge, online teachings from Berdhanya and live teachings with Matthew Cosgrove and the member of the Council of Earth.- Of course, daily swims on the lake and outstanding sunsets. A total renewal guarantee.

What to bring?

This is a camping retreat; you are responsible for equipment and food. We happily offer the space, an outdoor kitchen with a stove, plates, drinking water and a bathroom.
We usually cook in teams to facilitate the management of time.- After registration, the coordinator will contact you.

You must bring an already-made pouch made of any herbs you choose.

How to prepare?

It is helpful you practice meditatión before the retreat. In a place of stillness, you will be able to tap easily into the subtle of the shamanic journeys. We practice dancing, yoga, meditation, spiritual lodge and inner research. We don’t do medicine plants.  We have a full program to learn, experiment and integrate. We based the teachings in experiential awareness and knwdlege.

Where to go?

The retreat is on Lake Thorn in Lady Smith, Quebec, on the property of Matthew Cosgrove.- 18 Cosgrove Chemin.

Date: August 24, 4 pm to the 28, 3 pm.

The cost of the journey in person is $ 550.00 CD.


Cost of online participation only: 250.00 CD- Please make a bank transfer if you choose this option.


Includes Berdhanya teachings, Ceremonies, Shamanic readings, and camping space. Does not include food.