Online Meditations and Satsangs

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What is Meditation

Meditation is to repose in ones’ self with no agenda, expectations or outcomes. It is to put our whole entire self into conscious rest and in that rest, to allow deep regeneration of the cells of the body, of the movements of emotions and the chatting of the mind. Meditation is proven to have countless health benefits and is a powerful tool to know one’s self. Knowing the self through meditation reaffirms one’s power, truth and sense of guidance. Meditations with Berdhanya in Ottawa allow this inner knowing and present a direction of self-learning through specific topics.

What are satsangs?

The word satsang means “association with truth.” This definition encompasses a twofold process: inner satsang and outer satsang. Inner satsang refers to contemplation on the truth and self-inquiry. Outer satsang consists of an exposition of sacred teachings and being in the presence of wise men or women. By associating with those who hold similar spiritual values, we reinforce those values and are able to persist on the spiritual path. Satsang, therefore, is a meeting of individuals of similar spiritual intent, goals and practices. In this spirit, satsang is held. Most satsangs conducted by Berdhanya are spontaneous discourses on self-realization or contemplation on specific topics.

Listen to the Teachings

Awakening, Deep Knowledge, Expansive

Weekly meditation classes with Berdhanya bring me home to myself and unite me with a community of kindred spirits.  When I listen to Berdhanya’s talk on the topic of the week, it awakens my deep inner knowing and the meditation connects me with my vastness, that is beyond the mind and body.  The homework she gives at the end of each class provides an opportunity to look at me more deeply throughout the week, with simplicity, curiosity and kindness.  Thank-you Berdhanya for an hour of simple and profound realization each week.


I come to meditation class with Berdhanyas often as I can. Working with her weekly provides me with a great deal of direction (as well as inspiration!) to my ever-deepening process of self-enquiry. It has been an incredible journey, through which she has allowed me to see – week by week – the habits that I have that are not me, so I can move past them into a fuller expression of self. Also, she often speaks to the current pulsation of the Earth, keeping us in alignment with her changes. We are blessed to have this uplifting gathering once a week – it is kind of like spiritual laundry day.