21 days purification in Kerala India

January 31 to February 20 2024

This retreat is a new relation to the experience of Ayurveda,

Berdhanya Teachings and the Practice of breathontology, meditation and inner freedom.

Investment for 21 days on Berdhanya Teachings:

$ 1800.00 Cd.- Do not include food, accommodation or treatments.

Non-Canadian residents pay in US dollars.

The Power of Transcending Matter


Welcome to India and to the advanced Panchakarma retreat.

This retreat is for individuals who have been to India before, who are familiar with Berdhanya teachings and had done panchakarma for more than 14 days.

The Power of Transcending Matter is a dive into the essential spiritual attributes of the earth’s bodies using SHA and personal ceremonies.  This 21 days retreat offers a more contained environment for individuals to go deeper into a true Ayurveda tradition, breathontology practices and advanced meditations.

Meet our Partner

Dr Asghar is the founder and director of Greens Ayurveda, an Ayurvedic hospital dedicated to healing and teaching the science of life: Ayurveda.

He and his team is welcoming us this year to explore the theme of purification and detachment.

This program has limited capacity.

Your earlier registration confirms your participation.

Details of your stay
Please read carefully what the Greens program includes and go into a WOU ! You need to choose your room and let us know as soon as you register.- The hospital is busy at that time of the year and needs prompt confirmation.
What the program at greens include

2 Level -Ayurvedic consultation includes dosha assessment, imbalance analysis, prakrti detection and treatment recommendations. Doctors will make a treatment plan which suites their condition and detoxification

Daily three different treatment procedures: Ayurveda treatments – all primary panchakarma/ rejuvenation/ Kerala treatments on a daily basis-

Dental consultation: 1 time

Daily yoga & meditation classes- Optional for our group.

Airport pick-up /drop AC Cab: Kannur, Kozhikode or Kochi Airport/railway station

Kerala-style welcome ceremony- Drum Music

Accommodation: Single /sharing, AC & Non AC rooms – ( check the difference in price- 4 options are available)

Three meals per day – traditional Indian, Kerala and Ayurvedic meals. Snacks and Dosha tea/ juice, mineral /herbal water to drink

Room services, hot water – attached bathroom

Commonplace to relax, hammock, garden and recreation areas

Ayurvedic Library

Local temple visits, Attending marriage functions ( if you wish so, if available)* House Boating cruise around the picturesque Kerala backwaters*

Beach within walking distance

Temple visit- walkable
Beachside swim, Candle light dinner
Trip to Craft Village & Dine Outside restaurant*

Drive in beach *
A one-day visit to Wayanad- hill station ( if time and health permits)*

Shopping Facility – Handicrafts, clothes, gold or anything legal!-To memorize Indian trip

Prices and choice of rooms

Option 1:Sharing room without AC per day: 80 Euros per day per person.

Option 2: Single room without AC. 100.00 Euros per day per person.

Option 3: Sharing room with AC per day, 95 Euros per day, per person.

Option 4 Single room with AC per day, 110 euros per person.

All prices include the above services.


How your day looks like.
In this retreat, we have time to heal, do nothing and allow the natural intelligence of your surrender to readjust the new you!
Wake up to a new you
6 am: Session with Berdhanya

9 am Breakfast in the common cafeteria.

11 am Fresh juice

1 pm Vegetarian lunch

4 pm Fresh juice

7 pm: dinner

8 pm session with Berdhanya

10 pm or earlier: Good night

Treatments times: 2 to 4 sessions of treatments designed by Dr. and treatment time.

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