Transmutation Audio Course


7Audio classes  and 9 pages PDF guidelines

Key words: Self-fixing tendencies, over extensions,inner independence, self-responsibility, alchemy, transmutation.



The course is structured in an audio format that is aimed to meet your busy agenda. This course is recorded live, so it has the flavor of a classroom setting. There are 7 classes, and it is suggested to do one class per week at the same scheduled time of your choice each week. This creates a sacred space around your commitment to yourself with this course.

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When we accept the raw realization that we are creating all our reality, we are then tapping into transmutation. This is not an easy step since our creation is usually full of ego-centered actions, manipulations towards others, hurt to life, and ignorance. We are face to face with the very same things in ourselves that we have blamed others for, and have considered wrong or unacceptable. We have no excuses and we are in front of the magnitude of consequences that our destructiveness has caused in the life of all living things. Transmutation places us in the pit of fire, where our actions are seen as polluted by our self-interest and self-corruptions.

What do you need for this course

You will received your full course at once. You will be able to download it into your computer and play it at the time of your convenience. Downloads have a week expiration date. An additional $ 10.00 will be charge if missing the download expiration date.

You will need:

  • Your notebook, headphones,
  • Your private space
  • And a meditation shawl or blanket

Table of content

  •   9 pages PDF Orientation
  • Class 1

Moving from transformation to Transmutation

4 segments.

  • Class 2

The physiology of transmutation.

3 segments

  • Class 3

Transmutation and the gates of the supra-astral body.

3  segments

  • Class 4

Transmutation on the rays of Lila and Melkesideck

3 segments.

  • Class 5

The mandala of transmutation

3  segment

1 mandala pdf

  • Class 6

Transmutation and the 5 organs of action.

2  segment

  • Class 7

Initiation into Transmutation

3  segment



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