The World Within


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The World Within is a journey through all the aspects, phases and dynamics of the most reclusive part of the human being: the inner world. By bringing together both casual talks and exclusive writings, this book offers a profound, revitalizing contemplation for any seeker.( 378 pages)


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Introduction_ 9

Chapter 1: The Genesis and Structure of The World Within (The Inner World)  13

Overview of the Inner World_ 13

What is the Inner World?_ 16

Initiation To The Gestating Flame_ 25

The Location of the Inner World: The In and Down_ 39

Aspects of the World Within_ 50

The Inner Community_ 56

Chapter 2: Essence and The Structure Of The World Within  63

Essence As The Centre and Periphery of The World Within    64

The Process of Differentiation in the Trinity of the Structure of Being   68

The Influences of the 12 Rays in The World Within_ 80

The Order of the Sacred Heart: “Let’s Do It Together.” 81

The Masters of Impeccability: “Let’s Be Fair and Integral.” 83

The Order of Merlin: “Let’s Imagine, Create Breakthroughs And Bring Probabilities Into Existence.”  86

The Order of Abraham (The Essenes): “Let’s Be Present.” 93

The Order of Ashram Théban (the Druids): “Let’s Create With Our Thoughts.”  95

The Order of Melchizedek: “Let’s Have Order, Justice and Peace.”  96

The Order of the Goddesses: “Let’s Give Birth.” 102

The Order of The Sages and Genies: “Let’s Please You.” 103

The Order of Poseidon and the Realm of the Fluids: “Let’s Flow.”  105

The Realm of Realms: “You Are Not Alone.” 106

Chapter 3: Projections Of The World Within_ 111

Reflection on the Outer Space_ 112

Inner and Outer Polarities_ 120

The Role of Self-Inquiry_ 133

Visions, Dreams & Presence_ 134

The Spectrum of Inner Light: Your Gift And How You Express It  138

Chapter 4: Genesis And The Colonization in The World Within  155

The Colonization of The World Within_ 156

The Story of Our Original Colonization (Satsang by Matthew Cosgrove)  172

Pioneers, Colonization and the Light Force_ 199

Diversions Of The Light 210

Are You Promiscuous?_ 216

The Sense of Specialness_ 224

Demystifying Darkness_ 231

Chapter 5: Differentiation and Mastery_ 242

Cellular Genesis of the Inner World_ 243

Ego and the Process of Differentiation_ 247

The 3 Voices in the Inner World: The Black, Red and White Paths   255

The Science of Probabilities_ 265

The Respond-Ability of the Light 276

The White Light In Stem Cells_ 278

Chapter 6: Penetration, Self-Qualification and Descension  290

Penetrating the World Within_ 291

The Three Attributes of the Male_ 295

Inner Positions In Front Of The Male Energy_ 311

Infinity and Multiple Presences_ 322

Transforming Observations Into Inquiry_ 335

The Trinity of Benedictions: Affection, Acknowledgment and Self-Qualification    346

Pride and Self-Qualification_ 350

The 3 Steps For Self-Respect 371

Chapter 7: Tools for Descension_ 374

The Pranayama of Descension_ 374

The Hmm Pranayama for Assertion, Grounding and Descension    376

Conclusions On The World Within_ 378




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