Embodiment Organic Spices for Vata Dosha


50 grams of organic spices suitable for Vatta dosha


This turmeric and cumin-based blend is a mix of 13 organic spices from around the world, it is ideal for any western, south American or Californian dishes. Their versatility, depth and balanced taste has an earthy aroma that makes it ideal for any meat, stew, sauce or even pesto mixes. We promise you will be deeply addicted to the experimenting that can occur in your daily cooking.

Use this blend to help balance your Vata/Air in your body and mind. Reducing your Vata can help you with gas, constipation, dryness, itchiness, insomnia, fear, anxiety, arthritis, fear, weakness, twitching, sciatica and restlessness.

Add at the end of the cooking process or use raw.

Use 1tsp per serving/person.


Turmeric*, Coriander Seeds*, Ceylon Cinnamon*, Cumin*, Nutmeg*, Chipotle*, Cloves*, Anise*, Lucuma*, Ginger*, Goji Powder*, Asafoetidea*, Cacao*




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