Meditation/satsang on “Stuckness”


Key words:Life cycles, perception of movement, effortlessness and movement, Spieanal Organ.

60  minutes 3 parts satsang/ meditation audio file


This satsang/Meditation addressed our sense of not moving in life. In this talk the question, how I get out of ” stuckness” is addressed by Berdhanya with much simplicity and clarity.The teachings allows deeper understanding of life cycles and perception of movement, inner location and self-direction. This meditation also enhances the inner organ that Berdhanya call ” the Speanal Organ”. This organ, located in the middle of the brain facilitates proper perception and order of our reality. This meditation can be done for a period of time to stimulate  inner compass.



Coming out of stock-ness from Bhuvaneswari Teachings on Vimeo.


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