Mastering Reality


Bringing together core teachings Berdhanya’s Mastery program from February-July 2017, Mastering Reality (250 pages) offers a new language which can reshape the very core of who you are and how you experience reality. The result is a brilliant, humorous and incisive exploration of the nature of reality, a contemplation on the alchemy of life, the interaction between consciousness and matter.

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Introduction of this book

Mastering Reality is about learning a new communication system. It is the language that will define the very core of how you define yourself and the world around you.

This book is a compilation of the teachings given on Mastery over the period of six months (from February to July 2017): it is a compilation of Berdhanya’s teachings given in satsangs (lectures), articles, intensives (monthly meetings) and retreats. Here, we move the awareness of the reader to a deeper level of self-understanding and subconscious revelation.

The knowledge in this book moves you from a personal perception to a planetary perception. It is about you in the planet, you and your story, you and your possibilities. Mastering Reality puts you in touch with you being the co-creator of existence, enhancing your maturity and self-responsibility. All the aspects in this book are part of a great alchemy of life, a contemplation on the interaction of consciousness with matter.

The themes of this book complement Berdhanya’s basic teachings given at level one. In the basic teachings, you understood duality and its impact, you have recognized that you are the master of ceremonies of your creation and you have demonstrated valor, sincerity and commitment to your inner work by adopting a regular practice. The introductory teachings have make you a great technician of your life: you know how to use the rules of Earth to keep your life balanced and have great stamina.

At this point, the contact with the teacher and the application of the basic teachings has exposed you to your ego games, your trained personality and how you approach your internal relationship with yourself. It has pointed you toward your heart and is serving you as a foundation to navigate earth with compassion, integrity and determination. You have learned to distinguish when and where to apply effort, and when to have patience and surrender. Mostly, the basic level has removed the charge of pain from your Earth Bodies; it has given you a certain level of neutrality so you can think clearly, so you can act lucidly and you can relate with presence.

The basic teachings taught you how to eat, how to rest, how to purify, and how to use the resources of Earth to heal and survive. It taught you to be an individual free of reactions, blame and judgments. It had invited you to walk with the principles of self-responsibility, impeccability and self-acknowledgement.

In Mastering Reality, you are in deep waters, it is the great passage from being a human to being a semi-god. Your scope of perception of who you are, where you are coming from and what is important is before you. The understanding and contemplation of a reality formed beyond your present time and in multiple facets allows your brain to interact with a wider spectrum of reality. This comprehension locates you in a different level of alchemy, relations and roles.

Here, you are acquiring the basics of how you are an active member of creation; you are in front of your own creations — poor, rich, acceptable or not — and you are invited to own it, with no regrets. You have created a story that has formed your recurrent suffering, you have history that has taught you your coping mechanisms and the construction of your subconscious belief systems, values and concepts.

All the stories and history are now ready to be left behind, and you enter a frequency of fraternity that makes you sovereign. It is the time to leave the world and the persona you relate to and to reclaim an indescribable self that is aware of the great role it plays in the formation of creation.

Be reassured that you have chosen these times to lucidly participate in the Earth changes, to actively know more about you and your creation. It is through your contributions of your frequency that you will be able to know yourself and the direction that you are choosing. This step is about deepening your vision, your sensitivity and your thirst for truth.

This book aids to discern your commitment, your sincerity and your involvement. It consolidates the functions of the feminine nature and brings forward its alchemy to give life to your own enlightenment. It will make you magnetic, solid, present, available, responsible and mostly, aware of your potentiality for divine union. It will move your perception beyond the human world and will invite you to create the whole as a God.

The qualities of the feminine are laid out, complementing your understanding of the basics teachings. I have found it necessary to include some foundational concepts, to review and activate in your process. It is necessary that you give yourself a window of time to digest and study this content every day.

The passages of ancient and original pain can be of great power to understand, accept and modify your relationship with yourself and your creation. Forgiveness, naked courage and no judgments are necessary to go through this level. It is your sincerity and willingness that is making you read these lines; in the same way, these qualities open effortlessly the gates of the clear perception.

Mastering Reality reclaims, restructures and presents to you new divine roles. It gives you a language that, if practiced, rewires the fundamental functions of the brain. It is beyond breath, it is beyond techniques, is beyond healing, it is about the recognition of your structural and energetic capabilities.

The teachings in this book complement the subtle transmissions given in meditation; both are necessary to make the desirable impact, where the physiology, anatomy and potentialities of the semi-god nature are given step-by-step in each meditation, in each satsang and detailed in each chapter. If I were to provide any daily practice to sustain this part of the teachings, it would be the practice of Unification; an introduction or refresher guidelines of this practice are available by request.

Finally, it is your self-qualification that will determine your passage of this level. Here, any low self-esteem, tyranny or submissions are not possible. Here, you are walking with a certain dignity, with certain clarity and with tools that are based in an effortless existence. This level invites you to fairly qualify your efforts and to see that it is your love for truth and freedom that makes you a darling of the divine. Your performance is irrelevant, and actually, it is in the way of your realization.

May you be solid, steady, lucid, compassionate and innocent.

In Service,





Table of content of this book

Table of Contents

Introduction. ii

Chapter 1: Paradoxes, Polarities and Points of Power. 1

Spiritual Paradoxes. 1

Why Can I Not Create The Reality That I Want?. 3

Polarities. 4

Coping with Paradoxes. 6

The Types of Paradoxes We Resist and the Powers We Lose. 7

Gaining the Qualities of Source through Paradoxes. 10

The 7 Inevitable Paradoxes of the Spirit. 11

Chapter 2: The Origin of Pain and the Notion of Separation from Source. 12

The Origin of Pain. 12

The Divide Between Male and Female: The Creation of Ego, By Matthew Cosgrove   19

Understanding Suffering: Ending the Notion of Separation. 31

The Impacts of Suffering in the Structure of Being. 32

On Non-Linear Time: Healing the Light Body (Recorded by Berdhanya, July 16, 2017)  34

The Role of Pain in Self-Realization (Satsang of April 4, 2017) 37

Chapter 3: On Attachment. 51

The Attacher and The Four Stages of Attachment (Satsang, May 2, 2017) 51

How Do I Know If I Am Attached? (Silent Retreat, May 5, 2017) 62

The Non-Process of Attachment (Silent Retreat, May 6, 2017) 66

On Time Loops (Satsang, May 13, 2017) 80

Chapter 4: Back to Unity. 88

3 Aspects of Freedom: Energy, Quality of Structure and Order (The Black Goddess Retreat, Belize, February 2017)  88

The Black Light: Types of Darkness (Black Goddess Retreat, Belize, Feb. 2017) 94

The Transmutation of Pride (Silent Retreat, May 2017) 103

Transformation and Transmutation. 103

Pride. 103

Exalted Pride. 103

Reduced Pride. 103

The 3 Stages of Transmutation and the Liberation of Traces. 104

Back to Unity: The End of Fragmentation. 106

Earth’s Proposal of Unity at this Point in Time. 108

Chapter 5: From Pain to Power. 109

The 7 Qualities of the Feminine. 109

Reception. 110

Reflection. 112

Magnification. 113

Diversity. 114

Introspection. 114

The 4 Feminine Nadis. 115

Chapter 6: The Feminine in the Formation of Matter. 116

The Management of Cycles. 116

Wisdom in Matter. 116

The 3 Facets of the Feminine: Inspirational, Structural & Creative. 117

The Facets of the Feminine on Earth & In the New Human Structure. 119

Chapter 7: Interaction with the Masculine. 122

Healing Our Failed Sense of Self-Esteem and Self-Respect. 122

The Return of the Rubies (Intensive of May 2017) 125

The Needs of the Feminine: Stillness, Structure and Strength. 145

Stillness, Structure and Strength (Satsang, June 6, 2017) 149

Resisting Divine Laws. 158

Knowing Divine Laws (Satsang June 22, 2017) 171

Recapitulation: The Laws of the Cycles of Life (Satsang on the Cycles of Life) 182

Chapter 8: Magnetism & Sound-Light Perception. 193

The Stabilization of the Physical Body (Intensive, June 2017) 193

Magnetism as a Living Force to Structure (Online Course: The Organ of the Jewels, June 2017)  199

Magnetism and Form (Satsang June 27, 2017) 205

Sound-Light and Magnetism Waves as the Frequency of Perception in the Structure of Being   216

Sound-Light Perception (Intensive of July 2017) 220

Chapter 9: Divine Bliss. 242

Divine Bliss (Satsang, July 3, 2017) 242

Closing Teachings: Mastering Your Own Reality. 252



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