Spring Rain-organic Spices for Pitta Dosha


50 grams org.spices for Pitta Dosha


Product Description:

The Spring Rain blend is a mix of 11 organic spices to cool your body and mind. This delicate and fragrant blend does not require very much heat to release its properties and flavour. The sweet smell of lavender, orange peel and mint make this blend ideal for salad dressings, fish, smoothies or any sophisticated dishes. The addition of raw pomegranate adds a tangy flavour to add lightness to any dish.


Use this blend to help balance you Pitta/Fire in your body and mind. Reducing your Pitta can help you with ulcers, migraines, eczema, rashes, acidity, diarrhea, fever, indigestion, allergies, excessive menstrual cycle, profuse perspiration, burning sensation, irritability, anger

Add at the end of the cooking process or use raw.

Use 1tsp per serving/person.


Turmeric*, Fennel*, Mint*, Dill*, Coriander*, Lavander*, Pommagranate*, Stevia*, Orange Peel*, Lucuma*, Astalagous*


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