Meditation/Satsang on the Altitude of Perception


How we determinate the altitude of  perception?



The meditation on the pyramid of perception invites healing and a broadening of our ability to ‘see’ reality. There are certain marma points in the body which form the pyramid of our perception. This meditation brings light to this part of the structure, improving the quality and breadth of our inner perception. Our life events can always be understood through this living triangle and we are invited in this meditation to make peace with its inner altitude. In this 15 minute satsang, Berdhanya lays out each of the triangle’s dimensions.


30 minutes meditation.

15 minutes knowledge.

What people say about this meditation.

“The emerald pyramid enhanced through this meditation has brought great stability and height to my clarity of mind, sense of direction and well-being within the realm of experiences. It is as if all inner questioning has ceased, with all voices aligned toward one very clear direction or surrender. This class had a noticeable impact on my sense of sovereignty and on my personal realization of belonging to the divine order.”- Bala


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