Meditation satsang on the Resonance of Essence


Purification of the resonance of your essence.


Each human has the opportunity to use the resonance of the voice to form their own reality, to embrace the wishes of their essence and to understand the multidimensionality of the impact of the human resonance. This meditation captures that ability and indicates a way to put order into our language. What we have said, how we have said it and the actual resonance of our essence are met and purified in the emerald pyramid of resonance.

This meditation captures the ability to speak from this resonance, demonstrating how our speech can be purified from the absence of essence. The resonance of essence can impart order when we connect to the mystic emerald pyramid in the physical body. Berdhanya guides the seeker to this location and discusses approaches for its fundamental purification.

The meditation is divided in two parts : the first introduces the cavity of the resonance of essence; the second supports the purification and organization of this cavity. The satsang imparts knowledge on the pyramids of resonance and how they work in the human body.

The meditation is divided in two parts:

Part 1 – makes us aware of the cavity of the resonance of essence.

Part 2 – gives us the possibility to purify it and to organize it.

The satsang part gives us knowledge about the pyramids of resonance and how they work in the human body.


30 minutes meditation.

15 minutes knowledge.

15 minutes Q/A.

What people say about this meditation.

“What was incredible about this satsang was that you could literally see, as Berdhanya spoke, that speech from essence has the ability to cross dimensions, into other time-space realities. It is not so much where we are or who we are with : the resonance of speech (when we are conscious) creates realities, beyond the material realm that we are experiencing. The impeccability of the speech of the sage is of the highest arts.” Bala


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