Empowerment: Embodiment


9 PDF pages, 30 minutes audio empowerment, 2 audio meditations

Key words: upgrading potentials, self-reliance, inner solidity, vitality, organ of embodiment.

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In principle, our energetic structure holds the universal matrix. We are complete, however we may have not unfolded it into its full splendor and qualities. We may have not experienced and learned in full mastery certain aspects of the universal life. We embody the divine in all its diversity, flavors and dimensions. We embody our own potentiality, our own unfoldment and our own expansion.
We embody two main currents; the current of the earth with all it feminine attributes, and the current of sky with its correspondent masculine attributes.
The embodiment of the attributes of earth facilitate for us the process of descention, ( Being here now) and the embodiments of the sky attributes helps facilitate to us the process of ascension ( being everywhere and everything).


What do you need for this empowerment

You will received your full empowerment at once. You will be able to download it into your computer and play it at the time of your convenience. Downloads have a week expiration date. An additional $ 10.00 will be charge if missing the download expiration date.

You will need:

  • Your notebook, headphones,
  • Your private space
  • And a meditation shawl or blanket.

Table of content

In this empowerment you will find:

What is embodiment?

  • What we embody? •    The anatomy of embodiment •    What to expect in the process of embodiment. •    How we embody? •    A short story of embodiment. •    The teacher and the process of embodiment. •    Contemplate and inquire. •    5 parts audio: 30 minutes knowledge, 2 process, comments, meditation.


Written content: 9 pages PDF

Audio Content 1. Knowledge30minutes. 2.    Process one 5 minutes

  1.  Process two
  3.  Meditation 1 : to aid the process of embodiment.
  4.  Meditation 2 : This meditation aids the well being of the organ of embodiment.


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