Beauty and Mask


Cortesy of Isabela Blanchet from Face to Grace.



Some masks are fun, others have become obsolete and need to go. This 4-lessons tutorial has been designed to allow you to explore this theme at your own pace and to bring you gradually deeper in the understanding and expression of your unique beauty.
Lesson 1 focuses on the human quest for beauty as well as yours?
Lesson 2 talks about masks and the beauty they hide
Lesson 3 explores provides advice on what to do and not do about masks
Lesson 4 offers a meditation that guides you within to identify your masks. That simple identification simply is what is needed for the obsolete ones to drop.Please link here for lesson 4
The format is very simple to use:
– 3 Word documents to read, with exercises, reflections, contemplation and homework.
– 1 MP3 audio file for the guided meditation.
– recommended next steps.



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