Father sky, mother earth
Heart of the spirit
Heart of the soul
Heart of the body
Grant us the entrance to your grace, forgiveness and love.

Father sky, mother earth within me
Embrace now the pain of all pains
The separation from my heart.

Produce in us, for us, the possible:
May each human step towards home
Lit up.

Heart of mine, heart of all
Help us fulfill what lies within
The circle of our lives; each day we ask
No more, no less.

Heart of mine, heart of all,
Animate the earth within us: we then
Feel the wisdom underneath
Supporting all

Heart of mine, heart of all
Generate through us the bread of life:
We hold only what we asked to feed the next mouth.

Heart of mine, heart of all
Grant us with insight
So we find your love in ours

Heart of mine, heart of all
Create within me a divine cooperation
From many selves, one voice
One action.

Heart of mine, heart of all
Remember, your pain is an illusion.
Let our heart’s fervent desire
Unite heaven and earth
Through our harmony.

Help us love beyond ideals
And sprout an act of compassion to all creatures.

Let all wills move together
In your vortex, as stars and planets
Swirl throughout the sky

Heart of mine heart of all
Your one desire then acts with ours,
As in all light, so in all forms.

Heart of mine, heart of all
Don’t let surface things delete us,
But free us from what holds us back.

Heart of mine, heart of all
Loose the cords of what binds us
As I now release the cords, I hold on to others.

Power now to these statements
May be the ground from which all my actions grow.