The qualities and attributes of Divine Love are infinite, wise and destructive to any illusion. The more we get close to the softness of our nature, the more the limited self will resist, oppose and judge. The comfort of our limitations cannot co-exist with the love that resides in the divine heart. 

At one moment in the life of the seeker, we will need to choose who is the king of the heart. This is a choice between the vulnerability, availability and connect-ability to the whole or the reclusion into the isolated self. When we talk about divine affection, it really comes down to that simple choice.

The seeker who makes the choice to cross into the divine heart will be faced with the following challenges:

  • Consistency of availability: Here, the seeker finds that they face the cycles of life and its various situations with a constant presence. The seeker does not change in front of different experiences or different characters of people. They present the heart in stillness and are unchangeable in front of any challenges.


  • Sustainability: This passage refers to the courage (or strength) of the heart of the seeker to receive divine love, or how much the heart is able to stay under the powerful current of love without mutating to the places where it wants to reside. This is also related to the acceptance and surrender of the divine will. It has to do with the awareness of how lovable one is, to allow love to see you and to possess all of you. 

Sustainability is possible when you are established in your true nature or in point zero that organizes all aspects of oneself. All 144 aspects of you are sustained by the establishment in what is real, undefined and infinite. To be sustained, we need to develop care, patience and neutral embodiment of the multiple stages of inner development. Sustainability is the art of active compassion toward our inner universe and its external projections.

  • Expandability: This passage refers to the ability of the seeker to keep relating to their own infinity in a living and interactive way. It’s also related to one’s availability to explore our own immensity and to softly allow oneself to navigate in that infinite unknown tapestry. As the divine love penetrates more and more in all 12 dimensions, the seeker’s heart needs to expand and relate to the infinite in everyone. It is the perception that infinity is in all, and the recognition that each individual is part of the whole.

Expansion is only possible when we have completed our embodiment and lessons at a particular frequency. When we “complete” the course, we are able to move to the next level of growth. To truly establish oneself in the new lesson, we have to detach from what we have learned. The art of non-intervention and the awareness that we are ready to move to the next step is necessary for expansion to take place. We inevitably move in the structure of being with order and perfect timing. We move from tight particles to more expanded particles, like moving from a crowded place to space with only a few people. The photons have more space between them, giving a sense of emptiness and stillness. The best practice to perform in times of saturation (intense passages of expansion) is cellular breathing.

  • Contract-ability: As the seeker receives divine love, they naturally tap into a state of bliss and constant contentment. However, this is not enough: that expansive love has to be grounded in the seeker’s life and into the earth. The contract-ability solidifies and tests the heart of the seeker. 


  • Constant destruction: Divine love is the best medicine to destroy illusions. Once you open the door to love, all your little limitations are put in your face. The seeker is tested in their choice to either remain in the heart or to corrupt their impeccability.

Divine love is always there because it’s what you are made of. Divine love is not something that enters you, but something that gets revealed to you.

The revelations of divine love (bringing them into the conscious) are the exercise of self-realization. As the seeker opens the center of affection, it may feel like an avalanche of tearful joy or the sense of feeling deeply moved. As that state consolidates in the great mandala of the heart, the seeker needs to be aware of how often they vibrate the heart by making themselves available to the non-time, to their own inner presence and to the balance of the inner and outer expression.

The Self-Regulated Heart

The divine heart pulses. It has the aspect of contraction and expansion. In the frequency of divine love, the heart has its moment of repose and moments of engagement.

The seeker recognizes the passive aspect of the heart as stillness. It is a state of dormancy, repose or genesis. The seeker must be aware that this dormancy is not an absence of heart but a space of readiness to engagement, life and action. The seeker feels content, soft, receptive, and passively available.

In that state of dormancy, we regenerate, we repose, and we relax. We are fed by the great intelligence of love in a very unique and constant way, like a sleeping child being held in the arms of its mother.

The other side of the pulsation of the heart is its availability to be moved by the simplicity of its outer representation of wisdom and beauty. In the outer representation, the heart feeds the frequency that we have chosen to live in by linking to a “correct” or corresponding food. We are moved by an unexpected moment, by gazing into the eyes of the other, or by a mysterious signal that’s unique to you. That simple and profound moment serves not only to announce the presence of the heart but also announces to you the frequency that you are feeding on, that is informing you and that is forming the mandala of the divine heart.

When we speak about divine love, the heart and its powerful currents, we are speaking about the totality of you. Once the heart comes into existence, it wants all to take all of its territory or all of you. The seeker’s surrender in giving space and its actions to the divine love in all dimensions of themselves reflects the strength, availability and divine expression of the seeker.