Your spiritual Self cannot be freed unless you learn to feel all your feelings unless you learn to accept every part of your being, no matter how destructive it may be right now. No matter how negative, mean, vain or egotistical you may find a corner of yourself to be contrary to another more developed aspect of your personality– every part of your being must be accepted and dealt with. No element should be left out or covered in the wishful hope that it would no longer matter and would somehow just go away.

Nothing that exists in you is powerless. No matter how hidden a dark aspect might be, it creates life conditions that you must deplore. This is one reason why you must learn to accept the negatively-creating aspect in you. Another reason is that no matter how destructive, cruel and harmful it may be, every part of energy and consciousness is in its original essence, both beautiful and positive. The distortions must be reconverted into their authentic essence. Energy and consciousness can become creative again positively only when the light of cognizance and positive intentionality are brought to bear on them.
Unless you do this, you can not come into your creative core.