In your daily life you are surrounded by noise and disruption. Heavy demands are placed on yourself and your time as life moves along at an alarming pace. Throughout all of this, you make time to fuel and exercise your body, but what do you do to care for your mind and spirit? Find your inner peace and reconnect with yourself with silent retreats in Ontario.

Silent Retreats Promote Inner Reflection and Self Realization

For thousands of years silent retreats have been used to help people return their focus to their inner being and become reacquainted with themselves. Through quietening the mind, restricting the amount of stimulation and focusing on meditation, you can get in touch with your true self and find a sense of balance.

In silence retreats you give the chance to interact with more subtle aspects of yourself. Silence, stillness and introspection are powerful tools used in the ancient science of Vedanta for self-realization and inner exploration. Each retreat is different and addresses different parts of yourself. However in each retreat you meet a part of your heart you thought did not exist. Silence retreats in nature are powerful opportunities to reconnect, recharge and rejuvenate.

Some of the Benefits You Can Receive Through a Silent Retreat Include:

  • Deep relaxation that facilitates mind, body and emotional rejuvenation.
  • A realization of the impact your voice and the voices of others have on your psyche
  • Finding your true being can help you improve your relationships with others and foster good will
  • Allow you to live in the present and appreciate its tangibility
  • Provide you the means to reflect on what causes you pain, fear, resentment and anger and release negative feelings to find peace within yourself
  • Give you strength and clarity to face your life challenges

Four Days Devoted To You

Berdhanya Swami Tierra is a spiritual teacher who has an international following for her teachings, books, pilgrimages and more. To participate in one of her silent retreats in Ontario you must first complete the course, “Practical Awakening” which can be completed online. Berdhanya’s teaching in this program will prepare you to get the most from your retreat. Held four times a year in the core of Ontario or Quebec nature, you can participate in the upcoming Fall retreat or register for the winter session.

Learning to quiet down the noise that surrounds you in daily life and practicing inner reflection can restore balance and calm, allowing you to live a more full life. Under the guidance of Berdhanya, you can gain inner realization and change your life positively.