By Isabela Blanchet

Your ayurvedic beauty Consultant.

I wanted to write an article for Berdhanya’s blog, removing the self as I have often done before. This time, it just wouldn’t work. It feels like a journal entry, but there is a push from within that won’t let me hide. So here it is…

In the new world that we are envisioning, there is no room for selfishness nor for healing your individual little bobos. You need to move out of your fear of the outside world, take your powers and bravely say : « Hey, I’m here, I have this to share, to contribute. Who wants to add their pieces to mine? » You don’t even need to scream it loudly. Just be present to your true impulses and act accordingly.

Let’s make something that resembles nothing we’ve ever made before. (Humm, Isabela, right now, you just judged that this doesn’t fit your article but it does.) Your vision is not just in your mind, it is also in your typing fingers because we have partnered with you and you have accepted this partnership. Berdhanya is leading the way, posing the right questions, but you have already started navigating the waters of your own autochtonous world.

For sure, relocating yourself within your family clan as a leader no matter what, rather than as a doting caregiver for your mom, is now clear to you. It is forcing you to see yourself in a different light and it has shown you where you truly belong. You have known for a long time that one day you would have to chose between your mom and your spiritual community. But you made an assumption of what that would look like and that scared and paralyzed you. You thought it would need to be a dry cut. Now that you have accepted your new role, you realize that you can still play a key role in her care but that you’re not alone to do it. You dropped that pride. And it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice anything. In a sense, your love is more neutral, less self-serving of your little ego and her’s.

Asserting your forward vision for her is opening up a vision for yourself that you never were able to access before. That vision is still vague, gestating as your teacher says. As you allow that light to shine, as you protect it and nurture it, your body will no longer accept ignorance and judgements and separation between parts of you. Don’t ask which, and why and how and how quickly. You know better than that!

We, the lights within you and outside of you, will reveal what you need to know as we walk our talk. Yes, « We » are the powerful parts of you that you have denied and forgotten ages ago, the knowing parts of you, the beautiful parts of you that you judged and doubted. You have freed many of us before, but now you are seeking freedom for all of us, inside of you. What you see outside is just a reflection of the chaos that needs to happen to make room for the joining of all the little lights as one.

Remember that show where the entertainer asked each member in the audience to light a candle? Most people did. In that moment, you realized that you had forgotten the hundreds of others sitting around you in the dark. Your role now it just to show your light and look around you to see what happens.