The quality of the divine that opens the way to healing, balance and self-realization is “truth”. We know deep down that when we recognize and obey what we already know is within ourselves, the direction of our life will be profoundly affected. We so deeply know this truth that we avoid it. We pretend we can live without knowing it and acting on what we know. This profound disobedience is what makes us suffer and be divided.

Accept that you know. I had encountered a wife that had being married for 20 years. In our conversation she was acknowledging her unhappiness in the relationship. In her sincerity she admitted that she had known from the beginning that her partner was not the one she needed or loved. However, she allowed herself to be seduced by social comforts, status and the imagination that all would be okay. This lie to herself cost her many years of passive aggressive behavior and finally illness.

Six contemplation to recognize what we know:

1.- The naked truth of our essence has nothing to do with our mental concepts or thoughts. The thoughts that are repetitive, holding on to something we want to defend or something we want to have are not what I am referring to here as the truth. The truth of the essence proposes a radical change – recognition of something we had known all along.

2.-What we know as a personal truth is unique to us and to our point of evolution. It is not collective; it is intimate, personal and circumstantial to our state of perception. It is given one step at a time. This is the love of creation; it only gives what you can handle and what you need to know in the moment. Therefore, it is a living instrument to know who you are and where you are at.

3.-The revelation of truth is innate in all humans. We are born to know and to realize ourselves through this knowing. If we allow a certain silence and repose in our life, the inner knowing becomes the front force of our inspiration and direction. Recognize you have it within and that you don’t need to look outside for it.

4.-The organ of truth is multidimensional. It is able to give you the truth of the full spectrum of your present life, all the life you have lived and mostly, the truth of you in relationship to the immense map of creation. Truth enables you to be integral, sincere and united with the divine will.

5.-Inner truth and inner obedience requires valor. To obey what you know is an act of faith, an act of courage and an act of humbleness. Inner truth always proposes to walk in new territories and for you to perceive you and your reality differently.

6.-Recognize that fundamentally you know that truth is your basic tool of evolution, healing and self-realization. When you recognize this power, you are propelling your self-love and respect.

Truth is the core factor in the art of being happy, peaceful and complete. Your obedience and commitment to truth exercises a living reality that is always evolving, always supporting you and always directing you towards your best interest.

When we unleash the power of knowing, creation backs us up. It locates us in the right place, in the right time and in the proper circumstances that promotes healing, wholeness and happiness.