That feeling of being satisfied with how things are and not wanting to try to make them better is now the human position in front of its own pain and inner spirituality.

The human capacity to adapt, and to avoid pain had a counterpart that is dangerous because it has guided the mind to be unaware or uninformed about the truth of the human condition.

For thousands of years the human race had been under the oppression of its own mind. The creation of concepts, values and beliefs have tided the human spirit to a space of dullness, dormancy and density. Presently, the mind only goes so far in perceiving our own nature, our state of unity and our state of full maturity. It is understood that the mind had to deal with this collective subconscious oppression, with this pain of not being free and with the consequences of that rage, that all humans carry at some level toward each other.

It is understood that the defiance to go within and to truly inquire about our true nature is stopping a real healing of our desire for self-realization. Avoiding pain through complacency is not the solution.

Complacency is a self-imposed plague that is devouring the potential to really see the condition of the human race. We have adapted to pain, the innate pain of not having our freedom, our rights, our light and our creativity. We had adapted to social standards and conform to their ways of seeing us. We have lost the vision to see what the facts are that are being presented to us. We have been corrupted by pretty images, promises and a better life that can be obtained by acquisitions. Our conformism is deeply rooted in our attitudes creating a false satisfaction and an unseen complacency.

We have lost our ability to assess ourselves and our right to create our own identity and more importantly to realize that we are trapped within the conversations of our own mind. Our ego gives us plenty of opportunities to “rest on our own laurels”, to be content with one’s present or past honors, accomplishments or prestige. The fire of the heart gets lost in exploring our own infinity and we see no further reality or efforts to be explored. The blue fire of the heart, the self-realization process gets diluted, exhausted and lost through the further efforts to keep acquiring false safety and more laurels.

In this moment in time of the human evolution we are being ask to realize our state of complacency, to have some courage to face all we have been putting to sleep at the individual and collective plane and to recognize the true potential of our inner creativity, freedom and independency. Yes, we are being requested to leave behind the dullness, the false satisfaction and the little comforts we have passed from generation to generation as a way to cope with our own slavery and limited self-awareness.

This request from life has repercussions on how we relate, how we organize our inner and earth resources and how we project our potentials thought time.

We are being invited to have compassion with this part of us that is being put in the dark corner of our life and to accept that deep pain, insecurity, rage and discontent. We are invited to put it in a place of care, consistency and acceptance. We are requested to test our endurance of responsibility and independence. Reassure yourself now that your complacency has given you a false life and that this instant offers you a choice of rebirth. Trust that others will follow your example and that your legacy on earth will plant a seed of a new life, free from the oppression of the unreal.