The term “overextension” is familiar to those who have given more then was needed to a situation or a relationship. We can overextend our boundaries, by giving more time than necessary to a thought or emotion. We can overextend our time by not recognizing that something has finished and that we need to move our efforts somewhere else. We can overextend our care for others when we don’t trust others are able to take care of themselves. We also can overextend our intellect by giving free opinions and counseling to others.

In whatever area we may be overextending, be sure, that sooner or later you will be facing depletion, resentment and disrespect.

This may be evident if you are already overextending your energy; however, you may not be aware that the position of overextension is causing great depletion of your self-responsibility and great depletion over the circumstance or person involved. Let’s take, for example, the most common over-extension: motherhood.

If the mother keeps feeding a child of 5 years old with a spoon, this child is being depleted from exercising his/her own capabilities. At the same time the mother is not completing other tasks that may be contributing to her relaxation and inner expansion.

All together, overextensions create a false identity. They are exercised to give certain meanings to the personality:

“I can supply”

“I am caring”

“I can produce”

“I am good”

“I can prove”

“I can be admired and loved”

“I can serve fully”

are some of the meanings you may be entertaining. Remember, any meaning you give to yourself, weakens your true identity.

By given a meaning to your extra caring -usually subconscious- we are blocking our true humanitarian current. The humanitarian current is able to perceive and satisfy the needs of your own destiny within a wider context. You are aware that serving your false identity is just simply not enough to satisfy you. When you recognize this limitation, you are able to open a new territory where your skills are interacting on a larger platform.

True caring involves you; it involves respect for the development of others by not compensating, what others need to learn, with your energy. Caring involves a global vision where you are aware that you play an important and fundamental role in creation. You are caring for the whole by exercising, in a fair way, your skills and virtues.

It is time not to hide the over-extension of our resources. It is time to recognize our divine role and give it the same dedication and enthusiasm as we do to others.