You have no choice but to interact with your reality. By understanding that you are truly interacting with your creation, you are empowered to connect, to actualize and to mature thought through self- responsibility.

You may think you are here on earth to make great things happen that your mind values as important or valid. However, your greater achievement is to realize that any person, project, challenge or circumstance that you meet in your finite life is a perfect projection of you. You may not know the full representation of this truth; however, by recognizing that you are calling your “inner” self to interact with your “exterior” self in your best capacity is to transform.

Interacting with your external world is to interact with “you” within; it is a chance for you to see yourself clearly and to understand your capabilities as a creator. You are given the chance to empower your limitations, to correct false or incomplete beliefs and to sit on the throne as a mature co-creator by participating 100% in every moment with full compassion, friendliness and lucidity.

You may feel your challenges in life are too big, too long or too confusing. However, I can reassure you, that if you have them, it is because: firstly, you have created these challenges and secondly, you can totally handle them. There is not a big god in the sky giving you this reality. It is “you”, the co-creator of your reality, who designs it in every instant. You actualize your life more consciously by being aware of this law of the free will of the universe.

We are creators, so like it or not, you are requested to put your best passions into action and to project them on Earth. You are here to display your “art work”, to announce your authentic creations and to reinvent your future from a place of responsibility, maturity and continuous actualizations.