When you’re excited to spend a day in an exotic city across the ocean, it’s easy to forget the 6 or 7 hours that you’ll need to spend compressed in an airplane, sharing your breath with 150 other humans and eating microwaved airplane food.

At times, we may feel powerless in front of the naked facts of air travel. However, there are several things that you can do before, during and after your trip to ease the physical discomforts of a long flight.

Prepare for In-Flight Teas

Get a portable thermos and a few bags of carminatives teas such as chamomile, tulsi, ginger, mint or cumin. Sipping a tea or warm water before, during and after your flight will help reduce excess bloating in the intestines. Prepare your tea after take off. To stay properly hydrated, you will want to drink at least 3 thermoses during a 6-hour flight.

Prepare Your Ears

Start preparing for your flight 3 days before takeoff by applying warm nasya oil to your nose and ears. Apply a few drops in ears and full dropper in each nostril. This helps to reduce vata dosha, lubricates the nasal passages, and reduces the risk of colds or pain in the ears from the pressure of flying.

Boost Your Immune System

Support your immune system by taking 10 drops of echinacea tincture daily for 10 days before your flight and 3-10 days after landing. This will support your immune system during your flight and upon your arrival in a new climate.

Prepare Your Own Food

Preparing your own food, at least for your first meal, makes a huge difference in your digestion and overall well-being. Avoid foods that have no real vital energy (such as pre-packaged or microwaved foods) to prevent the extinction of your digestive fire. Before leaving home, I usually prepare a good curry with tofu, vegetables and white Basmati rice. Don’t be shy to add spices, which aid digestion.

Blissful Packing: 5 Things to Bring With You

  1. Essential oils of white or black pine. This essence is grounding and also makes a great antivirus.
  2. Moisturizing oils for your face, hands and feet. Apply a few drops of oil to your face, hands and feet to stay moisturized and boost circulation. Massaging your feet with oil before bed can also help you to ground and promotes good sleep. Organic sesame or almond oil is a good choice for most types.
  3. 7 Energy Herbs: I love this natural product from Banyan Botanicals. It’s a super combo of energizing herbs that quickly helps to boost your mood from fatigue to strength and vitality. If you take this tincture in-flight, you will be surprised at the soft but potent energy you feel upon landing. You will easily You will be ready to adapt to the time change without abusing your body biorhythm.
  4. Triphala pills: This miraculous blend of 3 fruits can be taken in capsule or powder form to aid good digestion and avoid bloating, constipation and sluggish bowel movement which often come with flying. Take 2 capsules every 4 hours during your flight. Upon your arrival, take 3 capsules before bed for the duration of your trip.
  5. Vata digest: During a flight, the air element (vata dosha) increases in our system. This can cause us to feel confused, bloated, constipated or just simply ungrounded. Taking 3 capsules of vata digest by Banyan Botanicals with meals can aid good digestion and reduce the air element.

In my 30 years of travelling around the world, I have found these easy tips support your adventure and help to avoid the risk of illness, low energy or the awful feeling of confusion you may feel after changing time zones and atmospheric pressure.


I hope these tips serve you in your next journey, making each step you take a blissful discovery of your world and your self.