From Berdhanya Book ” Mastering Reality”

Our ability and awareness to perceive, receive and assimilate information is reception. Reception is one quality of the feminine.

Our structure of being is able to receive 144 different types of information. Some of this information is conscious (coming from the senses and Earth bodies), some subconscious (coming from karmic traces and cycles of growth/Soul bodies) and some unconscious (coming from our Spirit bodies). The flow of data in the 12 bodies is regulated by the central channel and by the chakra system (matter and antimatter).

The 5 Types of Reception:

  1. Automatic: Our senses perceive the environment automatically, without questioning or without a true understanding of you as part of the language of nature.
  1. Contemplation: The ability to receive and understand symbols, signals, accidents and coincidences. You are aware and curious about the language of nature.
  1. Meditation: The ability to receive and understand silence. Meditation can be in a passive form, in a moving form and in the integrated form (where inner and outer are in a permanent in a state of meditation).
  1. Enquiry: The ability to discern the true transmission and the truth in the transmission.
  1. Deep Sleep: Reception in all 12 bodies is strong, continuous and present as a flow in this state of being. There are different dreaming states:
  • Aware: You are able to remain lucid in your dreams and understand their transmission.
  • Disjointed: Your reception is in pieces and disjointed. There is no clear knowing.
  • Releasing: Dreams complete unfinished emotions, thoughts or events.

3 Qualities of Receptivity:

  1. Inert: You are not aware of the reception-ability. You deny that it is happening constantly within you and around you. You continue to understand life based on past memories and associations (belief systems). Your receptions serve as a retention force to evolution. You learn by accumulating and interpreting information. Truth and true knowing is manipulated to your convenience.
  1. Agitated: You are aware of the reception and transform it into movements, creativity, attachments or categories. Your receptions serve as a transforming force to evolution. You learn by constantly creating experiences for yourself and others.
  1. Pure or Calm: You are aware of the quality of reception and can maintain the information pure and intact. You discern what is useful and apply the information, in the correct space and time, and with the correct subject and event. Your structure of being learns and grows by being available to truth. Your receptions serve as a preserving force to evolution.

These 3 qualities apply to all the 7 facets of the feminine.