For the seeker, the journey toward reconciliation with your true nature is surely a beautiful passage. Reconciliation, acceptance or the invitation for all your parts to dwell in affection is the lesson behind each experience that we create.

When you are in your daily life and pride hits you, you know that it’s time to see the situation from a different angle.

To support the passage of reconciliation, you need to be ready to humble. If you are ready for that, you will end up with an expanded awareness (lesson) of your capabilities and affection. 

To truly reconcile, it may be helpful to review the following recommendations:

  • Belief Systems as a Creator of your Reality:


Sit and contemplate on the aspects of your present circumstances that reflect obsolete belief systems, concepts and values and which are not in congruence with other parts of yourself. 

Belief systems are the seeds of your experiences. Try not to change the experiences but their seed. You will be surprised at how easily the external conflicts get resolved when you decide to give up your right and wrong opinions. Your life circumstances are likely showing you exactly what it is that you need to reconcile in the form of challenges, opportunities, limitations or lack of some kind.

You know you are getting close to a reconciliation when a certain sense of humiliation (or a feeling of embarrassment) is happening inside. Then, you know you’re letting the other see you as you are.

  1. Affection as a Seed of Change.

Recognize that what your circumstances are showing you is not because you’re bad, but a simple reflection of your internal dynamics (present belief systems). These aspects may have been with you since your original fall or separation from source, and may feel tender, delicate, angry, volatile and/or immature. 

As these parts come forward, avoid seeing yourself as imperfect, impure, ‘a failure’ or in need of ‘fixing’. No matter how painful or unpleasant, you are being presented with a golden opportunity for freedom by seeing these internal dynamics nakedly and with a compassionate eye. You are not what you see. 

  1. The Law of Non-Intervention

When we recognize a belief system, the first thing that we naturally will want to do is to try to change it: if we have been greedy, we will try to be generous; if we have been cold, we will try to be warm; if we have been too nice, we will try to set boundaries. 

As we have studied, all of these “self-corrections” are just distortions of the original belief system (i.e. taking a new position) and do not really get you to the root of the problem.

The real solution comes when you are able to recognize the pattern that you’re in without having any desire whatsoever to change it. Learn to fully embrace the part of you that is holding the belief system so strongly, as it may have strong emotions, its own story and wisdom to share with you. You may need to sit with this phase for a passage before moving to the next step.

  1. Relax (Non-Intervention Part II)

Relax. You are being contained in a process that’s designed to stimulate your immature parts and to bring them to the light. Recognize that change is given by the light of the Moon and not by your efforts to be better.

See that you have always been carried, loved and supplied with the perfect attributes, capabilities, challenges and lessons in alignment with your prayers, needs, and maturity. 

  1. Upgrade Your Belief Systems

Once the belief system has been fully recognized and embraced, a new reality will naturally present itself showing you your next step or level of maturity. This level cannot be rushed, and you cannot skip the earlier stages for this delicate passage to properly support you.

To upgrade, use the following principles:

  1. Act on your passions.
  2. Make your actions clean of expectations or insisting that they need to be your way.
  3. Keep positive no matter what. Keep your frequency elevated and active at all times. Practice your endurance.


  1. Affirmations (I want reality to be my way)

Life it is much easier that you think when it is lead by your passion and affection as a natural by-product of your destiny and your joy of being alive.