Your self-esteem (or the value you give to yourself) is in strict relationship with your inner respect.

Inner respect is gained through the fulfillment of 3 aspects:

  1. Honoring Your Past: Any experiences that you have chosen to live have nothing to do with what you truly are, and do not intrinsically have any real value (right or wrong). Without the clarity of this understanding, you will create identifications, attachments to hidden feelings of guilt, shame and judgments. Our secretive inner life holds great power: the power of honoring our humanity and the lessons that we needed to live to learn humbleness and dignity.

It is important you recognize your inner secrets, your internal hiding places and the efforts you have made to keep this place a secret. Without honoring your experiences, you cannot move to the second aspect of respect.

2.Obey What You Know: In this aspect of inner qualification, you respond to your most core truth, you respond immediately and without questions. You fulfill the needs of the moment without logic and with enthusiasm. Obeying what you know is your point of direction and protection. By fulfilling this aspect, you are able to move to the third aspect of self qualification.

3.Project Your Skills Into The Future: Here, you skills are applied to your destiny. You put in motion a great force of manifestation, synchronicities and coincidences. With dignity and strength, you are able to project what you know and to give yourself freedom of action.

Without honoring your past, you are not able to fully obey what you know, and without knowing what you know you have no power to project your destiny.