Women: testimonial of love.

You may be an artist, a politician or an engineer, you may be tall or short,

big or small, white or black, young or older; regardless of your outer qualities and appearances you remain a living heritage of the divine legacy.

You are the carrier of life, power and beauty. You are the living testimony of love, compassion and devotion.


You may had underestimate this feminine basic qualities and had deluded them in your daily multifaceted tasking. You may had maximize them or you may be at the fence observing  and not activating them to their full potential. Regardless of your position you have in your hands the potential of natures life.

This may sound pretentious, or just being seeing only as  concrete as having a child. It is however of a larger impact. Your thoughts, your intentions, your projections your speech carry the seed of manifestation of matter.

This may be taken as a large responsibility, and yes, it is a large response-ability when we look around and find misery, poverty and injustice.


You may have you feet in the ground and not fully realize  that each step is an opportunity to locate yourself in the fountain of beauty, grace and power.


I am referring here as beauty of your ability to remain absolutely unjudgmental no matter your living experiences and your personal choices in life. Beauty is synonym of purity where you remain uncorrupted from your mind expectations, self-doubts and insecurities. Your purity make you fertile. Not only physically but you are able to be infuse by the clear nectar of the divine grace. You become a living creation and a living creator. You have the energy, the basic energy to form creation, to form existence. That is power.


Power is not the social interpretation of having more, say all you think or do all you can. Power is the simple resonance of life within you, is the acknowledgment and embodiment of the subtle vibration that is all knowing, all pervaded, all pleasure and all essence.


You power is pure, you beauty powerful, your grace liberate you and other from the narrow views and opens the pure consciousness into a daily learning ability.


We had being deluded with concepts of beauty, power and grace. It had being convenient for social manipulation and personal ego satisfaction to distort this basic components of the feminine.


May this day serve you and inspire you to open your inner and private world to be receptive, to  explore and to project the very core of your nature.

May you in this  day  return to your virtues of self devotion, justice and loyalty of being the most enchanted creature in this planet.